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Market Research Know Your Prospects

Tips To Knowing Your Prospects BetterTo Fine Tune & Improve Your MarketingI think it is Harry S. Dent who says, “Individuals alone are not predictable but masses of people are.”The BIG 4 banks know it - They’re targeting…
Creative Copywriting Solutions on stage

Watching Hard Core Pawn Is Good For You

E.C.M.C.Why I Love Watching Hard Core PawnOkay I admit it. I watch a bit of T.V. but these days it helps me become a better marketer and business owner.For example: I always record and watch the information and product shopping channels.Why?…
Creative Copywriting Solutions on stage

Nine years of copywriting services

Hey Thanks for your trust, support, friendship and business over the past nine years.Before I take off tomorrow to watch my nieceget married...  MC her wedding (she made it clear no Jaffaman suit for wedding) maybe do…