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Hi there, start up and small business owners and welcome to The Copywriting Shop.

So, you’re ready to slash the time it takes to write copy and increase your small business marketing leads, conversions and results?

Congratulations, that’s exciting but as you know, no easy feat.

So before we get into the celebrating there’s just one problem:

How do you write website copy, proposals, emails and all your other marketing to increase your small business marketing leads, conversions and results without paying for a professional copywriting service like us?

Well, The Copywriting Shop is here for you.

We know you work hard, and need to focus on your core tasks.

You are in business because you are good at what you do or you have a dream.

Well, we’re good at what we do and have a dream too.

Which is why you’ll find a number of cleverly crafted, simple-to-use templates to get you firing off emails, creating great content for your website, posting on social media and generally being a marketing mastermind (without the expensive university qualifications).

In business, time and money is precious.

You may not want to splash out on a big marketing campaign, but you don’t want to be stuck in front of a computer trying to learn how to do it yourself.

Our copywriting, business building and content writing templates and resources have been created with decades of copywriting and marketing experience.

Each one has been thoroughly tried and tested in the marketplace. Each one will be an asset to your business planning, allowing you to turbo-charge your strategy to reach and expand your relationship with customers. All you need to do is add those few tweaks to create your own personalised marketing campaign and take action.


Simplify Your Small Business Marketing & Results With Our:



  • Home Page Website Copywriting template (Direct response concept and corporate version available)
  • Call-To-Action Templates
  • Lead or opening sentence copywriting Templates
  • Blog writing Template


  • Email Follow-Up Campaigns
  • Cart abandonment Email templates
  • Email Lead-Generation Templates and process
  • “Convert Enquiry to Sales” Email Follow Up Template

Social Media

  • LinkedIn “Break the Ice” System


  • DL Flyer Template with sample layout and design element positional’s – one or two-sided
  • A5 Flyer Template with sample layout and design element positional’s – one or two-sided
  • A4 Flyer Template with sample layout and design element positional’s – one or two-sided

Multi-Platform & Small Business Checklists

  • Proposal Template
  • Product Description templates
  • Intern or New Employee Survival Guide
  • Eddie and his team always provide amazing service.

    I have been working with them for years now, and their copywriting skills and the advice they offer for improvement of our written content has always been of great value.

    I would definitely recommend working with Eddie for all your copywriting and content needs.

    CTO Corporate Training Options Avatar
    CTO Corporate Training Options
  • What a team!! Thank you so much guys in helping us get our business off the ground & landing on 1st Page of Google within a couple of months. We are super excited having you on board and look forward to many years of cooperation - Jewellery Auctions Australia

    Aleksander Andrejey Avatar
    Aleksander Andrejey
  • Has done a great job, he is always happy to help I would definitely recommend him

    Symmetry Building & Maintenance Avatar
    Symmetry Building & Maintenance
  • Great energy - Eddie !!
    Love it

    Jason Read Avatar
    Jason Read
  • Highly Recommend Eddie & the Team, always happy help in very aspect of business, very professional & he goes above & beyond. Thank You Eddie 🙂

    Ash Roach Avatar
    Ash Roach

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