Should you update your website or not?

We get asked this a lot at Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions on the Gold Coast

First, all online and offline marketing, platforms and tools have a life cycle.

So for us, whether to update your website and content or not relies on a mix of technology, design, relevance, and results based on things like this

1. How old is your website?

If it is older than 5 years you should probably update it as the technology is most likely a little outdated.

2. Current relevant headlines and content.

Are the headlines and content in your website and page titles, relevant to what people are searching and looking for on Google? If not, update them.

3. Is your website mobile-friendly?

Google is indexing your website by mobile version only so if it is not mobile-friendly, an update is a must ASAP.

4. Above the Fold.

If I was to only see your website above the fold (the first things I see on my phone or desktop when I visit your website) would I know ‘What You Do, Whom You Do It For And The Problem You Solve?

5. Let’s talk results specifically leads.

If the number of leads from your website has dropped, it’s probably due to people not being able to find what they were looking for. Probably best to update.

6. Load speed

Is your website fast or slow to load? Test it out for free here

7. Do you have pages with dead or broken links or pages that are no longer applicable?

No one likes those nasty 404 messages.

Of course, these are just some of the things to consider before deciding to update your website design or content.

As usual, feel free to give us a call or reach out to us with any questions on this one okay?

All the best,

Eddie, Yasmin, and the team

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