"When someone asks do I know a 'good copywriter' I answer 'NO' but Eddie and his crew are 'EXCELLENT' ones!" Kerry King, Global Business Mentoring

Want To Separate Your Marketing & Results From The Masses Using Creative Copywriting With A Money Back Guarantee?

"Super impressed with the content, delivery and follow up. These guys know their stuff and deliver results!" Marama Montgomery

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Need Creative Copywriting With A Money Back Guarantee

If you are in business: the words you use, the offers you have and the content you publish matters more than ever.
At Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions we’re interested in you, what your goals are, who your hottest prospects are and improving the marketing results you are getting now.

This is what service based and trade businesses have relied on us for since 2003.


Using our in house staff of Copywriting & Content Writers with a Money Back Guarantee you’ll have marketing that:

  • excites and sends the right message and offer to the right people
  • keeps delivering positive results long after your initial investment
  • shares your story and engages with new and repeat customers
  • slices your business through the marketing noise & clutter
  • multiplies new and repeat sales 
  • and, eliminates all the guesswork, time, energy and money you spend trying to write your copy

You’re a specialist in your field; at Creative Copywriting we’re specialists in ours.

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Trade & professional businesses on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and across Australia use our services again and again for their online and offline copywriting, social media and content writing since 2003. 

‘Ignite Words Into Money For Your Business Today.’

Contact the Copywriting & Content Writers – Money Back Guarantee service today for a free copywriting or content writing chat. You’ll be thrilled you did.

“Hi Eddie, Absolutely amazing.  I just love what you have wrote for our website and definitely worth the money I have paid.  I would love to catch up for coffee sometime to discuss other hints and tips for my website. Thank you so much, you are a genius.” Michelle Oz Shades Qld


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Website Copywriting & Content Writing With a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Generating Website Traffic, Leads & More For Clients Since 2003

When it comes to SEO copywriting for your website or PPC ads one of our customers sums it up best: “We knew what we wanted to say on our website copy but didn’t know how to say it. Eddie and his team of SEO & website copywriters did!”

Writing SEO and website copywriting isn’t a hack or secret, it’s a long-term strategy. Today, a lot of your business will come from a search engine search for you, your business’s story and brand and how you can solve people’s problems. This is where our SEO and website copywriters services come into play.

With your website, you have only a few seconds to capture your website visitors attention, so they take the desired action you want them to take. So when it comes to your website content, it needs to do a lot of heavy lifting, so you cut through the website clutter fast!


This is why finance and accounting services, trade businesses and others have come to us and used our SEO and website Copywriters since 2003.

Plus, all our team are Australian and have Australian marketing experience so your website copy will pay for itself long after the initial investment.

So, if improving your search engine rankingstraffic and leads using Australian SEO and website copywriters is something you’ve meant to do but have kept putting off, please contact the SEO & website Copywriters team at Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions on 0412 288 339.

Digital Copywriters & Content Writers – 100% Australian – Money Back Guarantee.

Digital Content Copywriting

If you’ve ever tried digital content writing and marketing for your businesses e-newsletter, social media posts or articles on a regular basis you know while storytelling hasn’t changed, the media, how people read it and share it sure has!

These days you need copywriters, content and digital marketing that will grab people’s attention while they’re scrolling through their phones so you can share your story with them in an exciting way in 60 seconds or less

Of course, digital copywriters and content writing will also help improve your non-paid search engine rankings… create leads, build your social influence and can help you get on the first page of Google as we have done for many other customers of ours.

From e-book writing to writing website lead magnets to social media post writing and white papers, and content for regular blog posts, our digital and content writing services are here to help you create engagement, traction, and connection with your hottest prospects and people online.

We have been so impressed with the content, delivery and follow up. Having our blogs written for us has freed up time and energy for us to focus on other important areas of our business. Eddie and his team have researched and understood our diverse industry and are portraying us with professionalism and creativity. Thank you. We truly appreciate you and are exceptionally grateful we have partnered with your company.

Marama, MedHire

Content Writing Services Gold Coast With A 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Blog Writing & Social Media Marketing Services

Got no time or expertise to write your own blogs, update website copy or manage and post on your social media? Maybe you need help to write, design and execute your e-newsletters and put it all together so your businesses marketing gets traction and builds brand awareness consistently and effectively?

With Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions and our in-house copywriters, you’ll have your own personal “marketing minds” and copywriters & content writing service at your disposal – without having to pay a full-time staff salary or flashy digital agency reps fees or business lunches.


“Eddie was excellent! Right from the first conversation I have been impressed at his professionalism and their Creative Copywriting Money Back Guarantee policy. Content delivered as promised with excellent follow up support. We will certainly continue to use Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions. All in all, highly recommended” Jordan Gold Coast Indoor Paintball

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