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Four Facebook Marketing Tips & Layout for your Fan Pages


Been throwing myself into learning, using and marketing my business through my Facebook fan page over the past 2 or 3 months and it’s been really exciting.

Now I’m no Facebook guru by any means but here are a few Facebook marketing tips I’ve been testing which you can implement really easily too if you like on your own Facebook fan page.

Tip 1. Banner at the top – Across the top of your Facebook page whether it is a profile page or fan page you can insert images photos and stuff.

Instead of just putting your staff photo’s or business logo up there if you sell products such as training DVD’s or CD’s put them up there or even a few testimonials or photos of customers you’ve helped. this is where you can help showcase some of your other products, services or people your business has helped.

Tip 2. Profile Picture – Rather than just putting a picture with the words Eddie Bryant Copywriter or Eddie’s Copywriting & Marketing Centre up there services or I’ve used a testimonial under my photo to capture peoples attention and build more credibility with new Facebook visitors.

Tip 3. Engage and interact – Your Facebook fan page is the first impression people will get of you or your business much the same as your website so make sure you engage them with information that is of use and interest to them. Use photo’s, video’s and interact with your fans or friends at least once a day but no more than three times because they’ll get sick of you.

Tip 4. Update content. Again much like your website, visitors to your Facebook fan page want to be part of something but if you just have a static boring page with no news, content, photo’s, videos or information they’ll go off you quicker than a fish milkshake.

Okay hope these help and to give you some idea of how you can use these to your Facebook Fan page advantage

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Thanks, good luck with it, get in touch with any questions and have a great day

Eddie AKA Jaffaman, over and out!

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