The Similarities Between Music & Building A Brand & Business

October 7th, 2014
By: Jaffaman Eddie
Content and Direct Response Copywriting & Marketing Authority
Personal Branding Guy & The Guy In Charge of E.C.M.C. & Eddie Enterprises


7 Reasons Why Writing Sales Copy & Building A Business Is Like Playing Gigs


Up until a few years ago, I was lucky enough to perform as a lead singer in several bands. Over the 15-20 years I was in bands I was lucky enough to play at the Playroom, The Focus blues Club with Wiley Reed and other venues around the Gold Coast with some awesome musicians.

Building A Business reative CopywritingI was also in the first band ever to play the first Schoolies gig on the Gold Coast. That was held in Cavill Mall. Here’s a photo of that one and yes, that’s me in the red shirt having a head tilt.

To be honest, the second we hit the ‘E’ chord to start belting out T.N.T. by AC/DC, Keep Them Separated by Offspring, Led Zepplin and other well known hard rock hits in Cavill Mall I was expecting to be asked to turn it down but it never happened. I also busked for years ago in Cavill Mall Surfers Paradise as well!

That’s all well and good you’re thinking but what’s this got to do with direct response copywriting, marketing or personal branding Eddie?


12 years later I’ve realised how many similarities there are between playing in bands and starting a business, marketing a business and building a personal brand. 

For example:

#1. In business, you must engage and connect with your audience. The same applies when you play in a band.

#2. In business, you must get out of your comfort zone. That applies to playing in bands

#3. You must love what I do or it will show through. Yep, that’s another one.

#4. You must attract the right type of people. Sure do. I remember our drummer organised a gig for us at the end of year woman’s netball Christmas party. It was the type of gig musicians love. Huge stage, great sound and payment upfront but all the women were all over 60. So the song sets made up of Jimmy Hendrix, Offspring, AC/DC and so on didn’t go over as well as we had planned.  The crowd weren’t jumping they were covering their ears and boo-ing us.

It’s okay though. Whether it’s business or life we all have to adapt and playing gigs is no different. After several boo’s we changed the sets and played a lot of Credence Clearwater, The Doors and other tunes from that genre. We finished up the gig up with encores and kisses on the cheek and a please come back.

Building A Business Creative Copywriting#5. Hmm, what other similarities are there between Building A Business and playing in bands? Oh yeah, you must not buy into personal or audience negativity. Hmm, sure I’ve read that somewhere.

#6. You must practice and invest in improving your skills. Show me someone who does not practice their skill daily and I’ll show you a wannabe and

#7. You must produce results and do it consistently. Makes sense.


So there you have it. If you’re a performer, musician, entrepreneur or business owner what other similarities do you think there are?

Share your comments below!


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