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Okay I admit it. I watch a bit of T.V. but these days it helps me become a better marketer and business owner.

For example: I always record and watch the information and product shopping channels.


Because these infomercials always focus on informing people about the benefits of their product instead of selling the product. The talk in terms of benefits and target their message for the ‘Who’ not the ‘What.’.

Most of us in business can learn from that especially when we’re writing our sales copy and doing self promotion.

Another show I love to watch is the Apprentice both the Australian version and the USA Donald Trump series.

Watching Hardcore Pawn Is Good For You Seasons Image Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions


Watching these shows has taught me a lot about how to market myself, how to grow and operate a better business, how to improve my team and project leadership management skills, decision making processes and loads more.

Moving on… here’s what I got from watching Hard Core Pawn

For those of you who do not know, Hard Core Pawn is a reality show about a family owned and operated Pawn Broker Business in Detroit, U.S.A.

Les is the father (the founder) and his son Seth and Daughter Ashley operates one of America largest Pawn Stores.

Watching Hardcore Pawn Is Good For You Seasons Image Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions

Anyway the thing that resonated with me that Les the owner said to one of his customers was this…

“That’s the offer, take it or leave it.”

Now the reason I love this is, that’s it at the end of the day in business.

Sure we can negotiate but time is money and as Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, marketers and business owners you and I both know there comes a time when you have to say that’s it.

So here’s the awakening…

• There is no law or prison term saying YOU HAVE TO TAKE ON CUSTOMERS YOU DO NOT WANT for whatever your reasons.

Taking on all the wrong clients is your fault.

• There is no law or prison term saying YOU HAVE TO TAKE what price the person is offering you

It’s our business and life. Playing the price war or doing business based on price is your fault.

Remember, that’s the offer, take it or leave it.

Furthermore if you don’t respect and value your time enough and drop everything for everyone that calls out of the blue, that’s your fault too and not only that, chances are you’ll make really bad decisions as well.

We can keep making money, but once our time is gone, it’s gone forever.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m in the trenches right there with you

I know how hard it can be starting, operating and growing a business especially when you first start out so…

• Instead of whining about clients are always trying to get you down in price, don’t take them on or point out why it is more than another price they have.

• Instead of complaining about how you don’t have the time, turn your phone on silent and make the time for what needs to be done before it needs to be done!

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Remember, when you try to be all things to everybody, you’re nothing to nobody.

Cheers and feel free to leave a comment & share with your friends

Jaffaman Eddie