How much content do webpages need to rank with search engines?

How many words should each page of your website have to rank with search engines?

It’s a common and fair question asked by business owners and answered by SEO Specialists with a variety of different thoughts, experiences and results on this.

So here’s some clarity to make it easier to understand.

As a general rule of thumb, if your website pages contain 300 words or less on them, search engines consider them light or thin.
And a lack of content on your website hurts your rankings.

•• Ultimately shoot to have between 500-700 words on each page of your website, so it ranks with search engines.

Other quick tips How much content do webpages need to rank with search engines?
• Avoid using Welcome in your page title. No one searches for Welcome, and this is valuable SEO and marketing real estate for your business, prospects and website
• Always write for your audience not to meet a word count or to meet SEO
• Ensure the name of the page and content on each website page relates to the topic and content on that website page

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