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Part Two Marketing Realities

Part Two - Marketing Realities To Get Your Head Around To Help You Get To The Next Level     Hi Jaffaman Eddie here Last week I shared 5 marketing realities you needed to get your head around to help you get to the…
"Jaffaman Eddie Sitting at Desk"

3 Tips To Your Success

3 Tips To Your Success Tip #1 Don’t sit on the sidelines! If you make plans schedule it all out but don’t take any action, nothing will happen and chances are someone else will steal your thunder. If you want to be a success or millionaire…
"Jaffaman Eddie Sitting at Desk"

Write Sales Copy Fast

Write Your Own Sales Copy Faster and Better Than Ever Before.  Do you write your own brochure, website, articles, blogs, sales letter or other types of sales copy? Do you write fast or slow? Whenever I am at networking events,…
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Nine years of copywriting services

Hey  Thanks for your trust, support, friendship and business over the past nine years. Before I take off tomorrow to watch my niece get married...  MC her wedding (she made it clear no Jaffaman suit for wedding)  maybe do…
"Jaffaman Eddie Sitting at Desk"

Aug V.I.P. Subscriber Specials

What V.I.P. Karen Low of 'Coach Me Now'  got out of her recent SME Business and Copywriting Coffee session with Jaffaman... Garry Metcalfe... Long time Bulletin Blast Subscriber, first time client had this to say... "Had My Copywriter For…