Last week kicked off the first ‘Think Big’ Business Club meeting where a productive and good time was had by all.

We had six Gold Coast business owners attend. We had a Business Coach, Graphic designer, a Plumber, Life Insurance service, an Inventor and myself where we shared a swag of idea’s, strategies, goals and other business solutions over a feed of spring rolls, dim sims, Beef in Black bean and Special fried rice.

So what’s the ‘Think Big’ business club all about?

This is not an arty-farty monthly get together to talk about how good we are, drink booze or anything like that. It’s going to be hard work, but fun!

It is also not a sales or networking group.

Grant’s a classic example of who the ‘Think Big’ Business club is for. He’s a business owner who’s been spinning his wheels and procrastinating on various things in his business for the past six months.  One of his biggest problems is his lack of income and knowledge and defining what marketing strategies are best for him to focus on today and for the future and what to avoid so he doesn’t waste his time and money.

The purpose of the ‘Think Big’ Business Club is simple.

1. For each member to advise, consult and share their experiences on what’s working for them, what isn’t and get advice on how they could overcome a specific problem while also giving and receiving specific advice on other issues other members may be experiencing or seeking advice on.

2. To learn from each other, have a meal and talk about all things going on in our businesses and devise strategies once a month in a relaxed but productive 2-hour session.

There is a criterion to meet, you will be accountable and a small membership fee of just $77 a month applies which includes

• Your monthly meal which could be a two-hour breakfast, lunch or dinner held once a month.

• One month’s free membership so you pay for 3 months and get the fourth month FREE

• A 15% reduced members rate on my copywriting services and

• Membership with a 120-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If you’d like to increase your turnover, become a stronger and more knowledgeable business owner

and share your own business experiences with other business owners

in an intimate and totally confidential environment

register your interest here or give me a call on 0412 288 339 and I’ll fill you in.

Want to have a bit of fun?

Take the Marketing quick quiz below.

Go just answer Yes or No

1. Would you like more than one marketing strategy to get new customers?_________________

2. Do you have idea’s to grow your business but are not sure how to go about implementing them?___________________

3. Do you feel there are things you know you should be doing but you’re not doing them and you’d like to change that? ______________

5. Do you educate yourself by reading marketing and business books and attending seminars but rarely take any action from them? _____

6. Do you suffer ‘feast or famine’ syndrome in your business?_______________________________

7. Are referrals part of your marketing strategy?_____________

8. What percentage of your marketing efforts are focused on adding value to your most valuable asset being your existing customers as opposed to getting new customers? I spend ___________% off my marketing budget and time on adding value to my existing customers and _____________% on getting new customers


Here are some tips to help you improve your business almost instantly…

1. Get together with some friends or others in business and have a marketing

support group. You could review a certain marketing piece you have such as a website

or buy a good marketing book and cover a chapter or section

over a meeting either weekly, fortnightly or monthly.


2. Implement at least one new marketing strategy a month.


3. Final way: Find out more about becoming a member of the ‘Think Big’ Business club where you get to:

• Sit down with 5- 6 other business owners each month over a meal

• Help others solve some of their business issues

• Get advice on any business challenges you are facing

• And  get coaching, support and direct access to me from just ($77 per month)

with a no questions asked 120 day, 100% money-back guarantee.

There’s no reason this small investment in your business and life won’t pay off. Your membership should be tax-deductible and the marketing profits you make from my personal guidance and support using my 14 years of writing direct response sales copy and 24 years marketing experience techniques could add up to thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. It’s up to you.

Make a change for the better now and contact me directly to apply for membership and all your membership benefits.


Jaffaman Eddie