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May 20th, 2013 Trust, Credibility and Confidence tips.

Two weeks ago I presented at an event in Surfers Paradise. It was a Sunday morning and walking from my car park to the venue I tend to get few stares and looks because I’m dressed in the Jaffaman suit.

The thing I love about this is within seconds people have made up their mind about me and one of two things happens.

1. They either connect and resonate with me or

2. They move away faster than cockroaches being sprayed with Mortein

And to me that’s one of the effects that great marketing should do.

Attract and Repel.

Some people (total strangers) are really welcoming and walk up to me on the street and say “great suit” and others cross the road  thinking I am some sort of pimp.

So what has that got to do with building trust, credibility and confidence with people?

Well a great way to really create trust, credibility, confidence and build your business is creating a tribe of people who resonate and connect with you.

In my own case I want to do business and get to know the people who came up to me and said “great suit.” They’re my kind of people who have similar belief systems, attitudes and values as me.

At the same time I also want to repel or turn away the people that don’t resonate with me.

The people who crossed the road or have a dig at me at a networking event or make a snide remark when I walk through a shopping centre. It’s nothing personal I’m just not their cup of tea, I can take it and woudn’t have it any other way.

Keys To Building Trust:

• Focus your marketing messages, language, approach and marketing mindset on building your tribe with people who share much the same core belief systems as you.

You want people and customers in your tribe who resonate with you, respect your business and what you’re trying to do and turn away the people WHO DO NOT resonate with you.  


“When you try to be everything to everyone, you’re nothing to nobody.”

What do you think? 

Share your comments below, share this info with friends and have an awesome day!!

Jaffaman Eddie

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From the Newsroom…May 9th, Building, trust,confidence and credibility quick tip.

Here’s this weeks strategy on how you can build trust, credibility and confidence with potential customers in today’s noisy and competitive business world.

The strategy?

Offering potential new customers a FREE widget, CD, DVD, book, report or white paper.

Now this IS NOT A NEW CONCEPT in marketing but is it one of the most overlooked and I think that is due to a variety of reasons such as

• The majority of us in business are impatient

• We have enough to do (but you need to focus on the BIG rocks)

• We have tried offering a DVD, CD or free report before and it did not work or it did and we got so many we stopped it

• We are unsure of what information to put in our free report and…

• We do not have a system in place to follow up on those people who do download our free report.

The beauty of offering a free report, white paper, CD, gift or DVD is

• You can target your free report to specific group of people you want so you only attract those types of people

 • People who download your free report are putting their hand up for the information so they are coming to you instead of you chasing them

• You help position yourself as the experts in your field

• You help educate and advise people which in turn helps build trust and confidence between you both and…

• A free report also helps you build your list with interested prospects so you can market to them in the future.

So whether you use a CD, DVD, free report, audio download off your website, free gift, white paper or something else, offering a free report is a great way to build trust, credibility and confidence with your audience while giving you the added bonus of delivering qualified prospects straight to you.

If you have any questions about creating your own free report or would like assistance to get in front of the right people using a free report as part of your lead generation strategy contact me by phoning me on: 0412 288 339 during business hours or emailing me here.


Jaffaman Newsroom Blog… Friday April 26th, 2013.

A great way to build trust, credibility and confidence with potential customers is to use the VCP process of visibility, credibility and profitability.

Step 1. Visibility. Be visible and be seen as a leader in your field.

Step 2. Credibility. When people contact you start by building your credibility. Give helpful advice and nurture the relationship with them some free advice (see tip #3 below for more detail) or send them a free widget or direct them to someone who can help them if you can’t.

Step 3. Profitability. Profitability follows once you have nurtured the relationship and a certain level of trust exists between the two of you or the people involved. Hope this helps… enjoy, share and don’t forget to leave a comment below.

Over the past nine years these trust building tips have served my clients and myself extremely well because without trust in business you have nothing.

Anyway I want to point out is that the keys below are not in any specific order and are not the holy grail.  

These are just a snapshot of some of the strategies you can use today to build credibility, trust and confidence with your starving crowd of prospects and existing customers.


When people come to you what do YOU think they are REALLY buying from you?

While you may think they are buying your product or service I disagree.

Based on my own experience of buying things online and offline, speaking with my peers and customers, using my own customer surveys and my own experiences people are buying your confidence, experience, trust and competency when they come to you.

Keys to building trust, Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions, Nerang, Gold Coast. Image

People want to feel confident they’ve made the right decision coming to you. They want to make sure you have the confidence to deliver what you say you can and they want to do business with a company or someone they can know and trust.

So why is trust, confidence and credibility down in today’s business world?

Like respect, trust and credibility are something we earn over time. With so much crap on the Internet, fads… people being burnt by unscrupulous suppliers and all of us being pummeled by ads everywhere we go it’s only natural people are more skeptical and less trusting than ever before.

I have no doubt that plenty of people are keen and ready to buy, they’re just not sure who they can trust.

Our goal is simple. To advise, guide and support them to help them overcome their lack of confidence and trust.

Here are just a few keys to help you achieve that

#1. Survey existing customers (and new customers after the transaction) and ask the question “What decision brought you to choosing us over one of our competitors? Was it lack of time, lack of expertise, trust or cost?”  When you find the common denominator use that or adjust your marketing to support what the majority say. In my case, it’s trust, not price or even expertise.

#2. Forget find them, flog them, forget them. Smart marketers these days know the days of find them, flog them and forget them are over. You need to focus on advising and educating prospects and ongoing clients in your tribe instead of selling them first.

Keys to building trust, Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions, Nerang, Gold Coast. Image


#3. A little advice goes a long way to establishing trust. Last week a new prospect contacted me with a whole heap of stuff he wanted done.  So to start building trust and credibility with that person I edited his terms and conditions policy free of charge for one hour.

Here’s the reply he sent me. “Hi Eddie. Thank you for your efforts to date and also for your kind gesture of critiquing, tweaking and editing my terms and conditions.

“Moving forward I am sure that we will be sending more work to you for your advice and copywriting services and approval.”

So what did I achieve by reworking his terms and conditions for one hour?

He got to test drive my services and get to know a little about me. I also got to feel good about helping another business owner because (It’s not all about the money) and show off some of my skills and expertise on how I could help him further.

As you can tell he was extremely grateful.

He also knows I have the competency and confidence to deliver what I say I can and now a certain amount of trust exists between us,  which we’ll build on as we keep working together. 

Last week we just completed our first paid piece of business together and I’m working on other projects for him as I write this.

So remember you’ve got to give, advise,support and educate to gain.

#4. Connect, engage and build trust using video.  I can’t believe how many people still don’t (or refuse) to use video on their website. Hey my videos are done on my IPhone 4 and are nothing flash but video is emotional, visual, personable, engaging and fun.

Of course it let’s people get to know you a little so they can see you, hear you and determine if you are someone they’ d like to do business with.

#5. Case Studies and Testimonials. Of course using testimonial videos and a combination of text testimonials or case studies helps build trust, confidence and credibility with new prospects as well.

What do you think?

Got a comment or a trust building strategy to share?

Leave it below, I’d love to hear it.

Stay cool, stay tuned and remember ‘Market Responsibly’

More tips on building confidence, trust and credibility next week. 


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