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Write Your Own Sales Copy Faster and Better Than Ever Before. 

Do you write your own brochure, website, articles, blogs, sales letter or other types of sales copy?

Do you write fast or slow?

Whenever I am at networking events, copywriting coaching, presenting or mentoring there‘s always people who tell me they struggle writing copy for their marketing because it takes so much time.

Yes writing great sales copy and getting it right does take time and some people are perfectionists so they’ll never finish but the BIGGEST problem most people who write their own copy suffer is…

They write their sales copy slowly WHEN THEY SHOULD WRITE THEIR COPY FAST!


Because when you write slowly your subconscious self-editor is turned on.

We’ve all experienced it. Every word you write is subject to your subconscious saying to the little voice inside you “that’s terrible or it sucks” so you end up wasting your valuable time going back over and over again but…

When you write your sales copy fast your brain or internal self-editor is turned off.

There’s no time for your brain to say to your subconscious ‘that sucks’ so you can focus on getting the first draft done, leaving it for a day or two and then returning to it to edit it again once the first drafts had time to simmer.

However if you’re motivated to writing your owns sales copy and chomping at the bit to grow your business faster then good fortunes on your side.

What’s one of the most potent ways for you to increase profits and business almost instantly?

Writing your own sales copy faster than you ever have before.

Problem is how do you pump out sales copy consistently and fast so you can create new and repeats sales, build on relationships, get referrals and avoid writer’s block, brain pain and finger cramps from pounding your keyboard?

By attending my “4 Keys to Writing Sales Copy Faster” than you ever thought possible event!

This is perfect for start-up copywriters, graphic designers, website service, marketers, entrepreneur and even staff on a marketing team or small business owner who’d like to learn:

My 4 Proven Keys to writing your own sales copy fast

The number one mistake new copywriters and business owners who write their own copy make and

The most critical thing you can do to improve your copywriting skills you’d be mad to miss out on this.


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Some of the emails and letters letters of thanks from raving fans who attended my events before:

“Thanks Eddie for an excellent and informative workshop. You gave me some great ideas on how to change my brochures to make them more appealing to my market. I loved your friendly, easygoing style of delivery; it made what could have been a difficult topic fun and relaxed. And the best part is that I worked on my brochure right then and there, with you making suggestions, helpful comments and coming up with more ideas. ?Thanks again Eddie, I really appreciate your effort!”Martin Urban

”Friendly Workshop Improves Leads With More Customer Callbacks! * Workshop was terrific. I have recommended it already to several other businesses. People looking to: * improve their marketing * generate leads? * get confidence with writing would do well to speak with Eddie and either get his help or go to his workshops.” – Tony Bristow

“Hi Eddie, just wanted to say thanks for a great copywriting workshop. I was feeling a bit stuck with my marketing emails and I really got great ideas from you. Your style is very warm and encouraging which makes people feel confident to take more risks and try things differently. You really helped me realise how important it is to plan your material and think about it from a customers point of view, not my own. The results have been great. The marketing email we worked on, I sent out and within 5 minutes I had 3 ladies booked in to my masterclass. This had never happened before so I was really thrilled! I am applying the same principles to all my marketing now. Thanks again Eddie and I’m looking forward to learning more from you in the future.“Kylie

“Love the idea of posting a comment. Makes me take time out to say thank you for inviting me to your workshop. I still haven’t nailed my flyer but I believe that I am on the right track thanks to you fabulous input. With thanks.”Christine