What is the Difference Between Marketing and Advertising?


Had an interesting meeting last week with a new client last week and even though his business is quite successful, it seemed he was like a lot of business owners out there confused about the differences between marketing and advertising. Now I’m sure everyone has their own definition, which is fine, however, this is basically how I understand the difference between marketing and advertising based on my own copywriting and marketing experiences that I hope will help clarify it for you if you are confused about it.

The Difference Between Marketing and Advertising

Advertising –  are the messages and advertising channels you use to acquire new or repeat business, build your business and your brand. An example: let’s say I do a radio ad that’s advertising. A newspaper ad is advertising. Advertising is all about what channel or channels are you going to use to get your business name out there so people are aware of your business and what your business offers?

Marketing – Is the combined strategies of research, preparation and planning leading up to your campaign, the execution of your campaign and what’s required after your advertising has finished. You know, where are we placing the ad, who is going to see it, what do we want to achieve with this campaign, are we going to drive them to our website, how is the product or service fulfilled and so on? Marketing is basically everything you have to do ensure a smooth transaction between you and your customers.

Hope this help clarify the differences for you, have a great day and I’d love to hear your feedback

or summary on what you think the differences are below.

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