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Hey guys Jaffaman Eddie here for Eddies Copywriting and Marketing Centre and the SME Marketing Club.

This Jaffaman TV session is riding off the back of this months theme on all things personality marketing.

And in this video I am going to give you three really simple and affordable personality marketing tips and changes to help you stand out from your herd that over time will…

• Help you attract more of the right type of customers

• Will help you make more money and…

• Make your marketing more attention grabbing and memorable.

Now if you know anything about me you’ll know I’ll go off on tangents from time to time (well quite a bit actually) so I hope you don’t mind I wrote these tips down because they’re really important

Okay so lets get into it.

Personality Marketing Tip #1 –

As an exercise last night I counted all my business cards with the names starting with the letter A. Now I’ve got 120 business cards in my business card holder that have names like Aaron, Andrew, Amelia and so on.

Out of those 120 cards 3 had a photo on them so I say put your photo on your business your business card? Why? Because not many other people do it and we all think in pictures and you want the people you give your card to remember you and nothing triggers a persons memory than a picture of you.

Oh and don’t use an outdated photo that’s 20 years old. I had a meeting last week and they had a photo on their card and I turned up and the dude was 20 years older than his photo. It’s not a good look; it’s kind of like me wearing a Jaffaman suit when I’m seventy!! It’s not a good look!

Personality Marketing Tip #2 –

People like to their lives through other people. Now what I mean by that is people like to know what other people are doing in their business and lives so don’t be afraid to share with people as the real you.

Now that’s hard for a lot of people to overcome and embrace. The reason for that as children we’re taught how to behave however with so much competition in business you need to let down some of the walls and misconceptions you have about being in business so the real you bursts through in your business and marketing so people engage and connect with you on a living breathing emotional and personal level.

Personality Marketing Tip #3 –

Now if your on my blog on my website watching this video check out the Christmas card below I handed out last year.

If you’re on my You tube channel click the link below to go to my blog to see the Christmas card I’m talking about.

Now, you ever seen a business card like this?


Anyway I had 300 or so of these printed and gave them out as my business card at networking events, end of year Christmas parties and other events in November and December last year.


I also included this card in my Christmas hardcopy newsletter mailings, featured on my website home page and the result and feedback was awesome.


Most people laughed and thought it was really good and original idea. A few nitpickers had a go at me, (which is their problem not mine) but more importantly than that, it’s just another way for people to remember me…. It generated and still is generating business for me and gives people a little insight into one of my passions, which is playing guitar.

Anyway the point of all this is simple.


You want to be the same as everyone else in business?

Look, do and sound the same as everyone else!

You want to attract the right type of people…dominate and be the rock star of your industry? 

Start implementing and thinking how you can use your personality in your marketing.

That’s it for now but stay tuned because the next episode of my personality marketing series due out next week will be about… 

showing you how you can overcome the biggest obstacle you’re thinking about right now which is…

How can YOU implement personality into your marketing without coming off unprofessional or like a clown or idiot?

So subscribe, comment or share now so you or your friends don’t miss out!

It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Stay tuned and stay cool.

Jaffaman out!


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