Real Estate Copywriting Ad Templates

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What’s the difference between a click or call-worthy real estate property description and one that’s ignored?

Well, quality leads and sales and having real estate marketing that delivers a return on your investment and gets people to call or click.

This real estate copywriting ad pack includes a concept and sample real estate ad we wrote to sell an American Australian entrepreneurs multi-million dollar home when other real estate agents couldn’t.

Plus you also receive another two real estate property ads and concepts only serious real agents dare use.

What makes these Real Estate Copywriting Ad Templates different from others?

Well, first these real estate copywriting ad templates are based on our 16 years experience writing property descriptions for real estate businesses big and small.  They're also written by us and we're one of Australia's leading copywriting and content writing services. Plus, you receive not one but three innovative real estate ad-listing concepts to choose from. So you can use that you can use them again and again, for your online and offline real estate marketing.

They are also….

Created in Microsoft Word so you can edit them directly
Are 100% downloadable, so they are perfect whether you are new to real estate or a seasoned professional looking for a competitive edge

This Real Estate Copywriting Templates Pack Includes…

3 different real estate ads and concepts
Sample headlines and sample layout of each ad
Written leads, body copy and call to actions
And completed examples of the ads as well.

Ready to ignite your creative flair again, power your property leads, give your ads an appeal all their own and write your real estate property ads in half the time? Download your Real Estate Copywriting Templates pack today.

Fine print and stuff you need to know – Once you place your order, you will receive an email with a link to download this template. This email may go to your junk mail, so keep your eyes open for this baby. 

This "Real Estate Copywriting Templates Pack" has three of our best real estate ad concepts to save you time, attract buyers and stand your ads out from your competition. In fact, one of the concepts you'll find in this Real Estate Copywriting Templates pack I used to sell a multi-million dollar property for a billionaire when others real estate agents couldn't.

“Eddie found ways to make things happen & market when others couldn’t…”

After being in touch with numerous Real Estate firms, it was evident that they did not have the skills to market a beautiful property during an Economic crisis on the Gold Coast.  I was referred to Jaffa man Eddie Bryant, who accepted the task of preparing Marketing material for the house.  “To me, he was a self-starter, accepted responsibility and found ways to make things happen. The type of professional we always need to represent us and our thoughts."

We have been very impressed with the service, help, and imagination of Eddie and his Company. He took on a large copywriting, design and marketing project, beat a lot of his bigger competitors to get this project and had it finished and delivered the goods within the week. I will use him again and again.” - Don Panoz, Australian/American Entrepreneur