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Tired of sending out quotes to new prospects and never hearing from them again?

It can be hard to stand out from the crowd even if you have the best service and products.

And with most businesses requesting quotes from you and at least two of your competitors at the same time, there is only way you can create the wow factor on your quotes and convert people into customers without competing on price.

And that’s having a small business quote that…

  • Shows off your value
  • Builds trust, confidence & credibility with new prospects
  • Converts more enquiries into customers
  • Highlights why they should choose you and your service over your competitors without competing on price.
  • The good news is this small business proposal template will help you overcome all those problems and more.

It’s the perfect step-by-by step template tested and developed and used in our own copywriting business over the past 16 years and can be used for most small businesses who send out quotes and proposals.

Get your hot little hands on this today. You and your profit margins will be thrilled you did!


Tired of sending out small business quotes to prospects that don’t convert into customers?

It can be hard to stand out from the crowd even if you have the best service and products.

And with most businesses sourcing quotes from you and at least two of your competitors at the same time, your quotes need to deliver the ‘WOW’ factor without competing on price.

So how do you do it?

Having a unique Small Business Proposal Template for your small business that communicates to prospects why you, your brand, product or service is the BEST option.

And this is why the Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions Small Business Proposal template exists and why small business owners love it! 

With over 16 years of feedback from clients who’ve received it and a 80% conversion rate this Small Business Project Quote Template is perfect for:

  • Small trade & service-based businesses such as builders, carpet cleaners, accountants and many others
  • New and experienced freelance copywriting and content writing services
  • And can be adapted to almost any industry or service you can think of that provides quotes.

Here’s what our Small Business Project Quote Template will include:

  • Easy edit, step-by-step instructions
  • Your template is in MS Word
  • Key elements every small business quote should have to convert
  • Our proven pricing strategy so you can increase your average dollar order and sales by 50% on your project costings
  • How to close quotes sooner (so some clients pay you before you’ve even sent them a tax invoice!)
  • Plus, our template includes an added ‘How Your Clients Project Come To Life’ charter, and heaps more vital business tips to convert quotes into sales fast.

The fine print and stuff you need to know:

After you’ve placed your order, you’ll receive an email with a link to download this Small Business Project Quote Template. Sometimes, though, this email could go to your junk mail, so keep your eye out for this little baby! You also have three (3) days to download this small business proposal template and price includes GST.

If you’re after more ways to help build and sustain your small business, be sure to check out our Marketing Courses, Email Copywriting Samples and Templates, and our Small Business Name Capture Sheet.

4 reviews for Small Business Proposal Template

  1. Angie B

    I’m giving this copywriting template of Eddies five stars. I was sending out proposals for my business using a single sided A4 template which didn’t do anything to show off my credibility. Eddie and this quoting template has opened my eyes on what to include on the quotes for my copywriting business and how important it is to have a kick arse proposal. Thanks and thumbs up guys.”

  2. Michael K

    Awesome guys. This small business proposal quoting template of yours was just what I was looking for to up the anty and conversion rates on the project proposals I was sending out. Thanks a lot.

  3. Jaffaman

    Thanks Michael, glad you liked it and let us know what type of results you get if you can.

  4. Amy

    Hi Creative Copywriting & Content solutions. Thanks for the small business project quoting template. I love it. It’s doing wonders. People receiving it love how much WOW it has and especially the inclusions section on why people should choose me for their content writing and social media services. Thank you, Amy.

  5. Edwina

    I was forming a proposal and had really no idea how it should be formatted and appear. Eddie was succinct, thorough and helpful in creating a proposal for my exact needs. I would most highly recommend his services to anyone.

  6. Jaffaman

    Thanks so much for the awesome review, Edwina! Please reach out to us if we can be of any other assistance. Best wishes, Eddie & the crew

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