Email Copywriting Samples and Templates

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Professional email copywriting and formatting dos and don’t’s template for business owners so your emails are read and acted on.

Want to know what the best day and time is to send emails? Or maybe you’re after our number one tip to laying out your emails that 97% of emails and marketers get wrong?

Our email copywriting & formatting tips template is perfect for you!

Inside you’ll discover some of our closest guarded copywriting and email formatting and marketing dos and don’ts so you can:

• Write emails that grab attention and are read.

• Layout your plain text emails quickly and easily.

• Include key elements in your emails to convert and build social credibility with new and existing prospects or customers.

• What fonts to use in your emails.

• Proven tips to increase the open, readership and conversion rates.

• The best days and times to send emails.

• And other email formatting, copywriting and marketing nuggets of gold that until now I have only shared with clients, my Griffith University Mentee’s and students and the Jaffa mite word-stars at Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions.


Email Copywriting Samples and Templates – This Email Copywriting & Formatting Template is perfect for your small trade, service based or freelance business.

“Jaffaman, these Email Copywriting Samples and Templates of yours rocks! Love the do’s and don’ts; of email marketing, how to format my emails are over. I love how you go against conventional marketing too Jman, thanks.” Hayley Kitchens, South Australia

Why? Because, It delivers invaluable proven tips on you can write and format your emails so they grab attention are opened, read and acted on.

Also, these are based on our 30 years industry experience in copywriting and marketing and have been tried and tested over the past 16 years in my own copywriting , content writing and marketing business, Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions with great success!

Plus, you can apply these copywriter and email formatting tips and techniques for:

  • Acquisition emails
  • Follow up emails
  • Proposal emails
  • Cart abandonment notifications 
  • And almost any email you can think of you send singularly or in bulk!

“Hey Jaffaman this email formatting and copywriting dos and don’t’s tip sheet rocks and is nothing like other email marketing e-books and tip sheets I’ve bought before which I really love. Thanks a lot. It’s already making a big difference in my email readership and results.” S Weahesson, South Australia

Some more stuff you need to know:

• Prices shown include GST for Australian customers.

• Once you place your order, you’ll be sent an email with a link to your download which lasts up to 3 days. Your download link may end up in your junk mail, so check this too please!

• As this is a downloadable product, refunds do not apply.

• This is a 5-page PDF document

So, If you’re after more ways to help build and sustain your small business, be sure to check out our Marketing Courses, and our Small Business Name Capture Sheet.

2 reviews for Email Copywriting Samples and Templates

  1. Cheryl F

    Thanks Eddie. Found this really useful for formatting my emails and the support you give is fantastic.

  2. Frank Kerston

    Wow groovy. These email formatting tips are top notch!

  3. Jaffaman (verified owner)

    Cheers Frank, glad you like them and thanks for your purchase. Appreciatte it. Eddie and the crew

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