Discrimination Or Niche Marketing?

The Dirty Little Word You Need To Use To Build A Business. 

Last week I got into a debate with a networking pal about something we all do in business but no one talks about.

Discrimination or is it just niche marketing?

Anyway my mate said “we don’t discriminate in business”, I say “we do and have to” and the reason for that is that not all prospects and customers are equal?

In the words of the great Jack, can you handle the truth?

Copywriting and Marketing Products

Some people can afford you, some can’t.

Some have businesses, products or services you can work, some don’t.

Some have personalities, beliefs and values you connect with you, some don’t!

And don’t forget, this works both ways.

Prospects and clients will discriminate against you as well.

It’s that old “when you try to be all things to everyone, you’re nothing to no-one” thing that once again rings true.

What do you think?

Have I lost it?

Am I full of it?

I’d love to know your take on this so leave a comment below and feel free to share the controversy or the love with your friends.

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