Why Original Website Content is Crucial

Had a few of clients that come to me say, Oh we got a website and the content we just copied from our brochure.. why isn’t it working?

Having original website content that is not copied from a competitor or a printed brochure is crucial to your online presence and success because:

1. Copying the copy from your print material onto your website means the content won’t contain specific keywords or key phrases people may type into search engines to find a product or service such as yours

2. Using and writing it yourself in your own words (or using a copywriter like me to write it makes your website original

3. With your own original content, you have the opportunity to show your businesses personality, get your message across about why your product or service is better or different than your competitors.

The take-away lesson!

When writing website copy, don’t just copy the content from an existing brochure, flyer, print ad or worse a competitor. Be original, be yourself and take your time.

Pearl Jam, Nov 25th Review… Top Shelf Rock N Roll Experience!

Oh and one more thing, I went and saw Pearl Jam in Brisbane last night with 34,999 other people, wow what a concert and what an experience! I love my rock music live and loud and Pearl Jam didn’t disappoint! It was engaging, captivating, inspiring and they played for two and a half hours non-stop. So so if you get the chance to see them, do it. It’s a top-shelf rock concert experience unlike any other! Thanks, Pearl Jam, you gave me another concert experience I’ll never forget and enjoy your stay in Australia!

Thanks, Eddie

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