While I don’t get to watch much TV these days I do love wrestling shows such as WWE and Raw.


I’m not a hard-core fan of the actual wrestling but what I do love is the marketing strategies they use… the atmosphere they create and the show they deliver for an army of fans.


So how does wrestling and writing headlines collide?




When wrestlers get up there and talk about themselves you can almost feel their credibility taking a nosedive on-air and throughout the crowd. The heckling… booing, hisses and shouts of ‘get off’ must be heard from miles away but…

when other announcers, wrestlers and people endorse them in a tag team match or something else, that changes everything.

You can feel the excitement of the crowd as each wrestler talks each other up… you can feel the passion of the crowd responding to the wrestlers and you can almost hear the cash registers ticking over!

So how do wrestling and writing headlines and sales copy collide?

Well, when you talk about yourself, product or service in any copy you will naturally raise doubts in the minds of your prospect or audience. It’s human nature. Human beings are sceptics especially with all the snake oil salesman and promises being made out there these days.

Anyway, when you have something else talking you up, that’s an entirely different thing altogether.

Here’s an example to work from…

Maybe you have a mortgage service business and a print ad or website headline that says…

“Want a Quick, Fast and Easy Way to Pay $12,000 Off Your Home Loan in 12 months?”

It’s okay but I do have my doubts because I’m human.. it sounds a little bit too good to be true and I’m asking myself what’s the catch.

So let’s take that same headline idea and use the third party or break the ice headline concept…

“What’s The Secret I Used To Pay $12,000 Off My Mortgage in 12 Months Without Taking A Second Job Or Cheating The Tax Man?”


See and feel the difference?

When a living breathing customer is saying these things about you, your product or service using his or her own story using their own words… their real name and a photo of themselves it’s more believable and credible and goes a long way to overcoming people’s doubts about you, your products or services.

Key elements to making this headline pay off and work for you

1. Make sure you feature the person’s photo who’s talking about you next to the headline

2. Open your ad or copy with their story. Example. My name is Peter Rickson. I recently had an amazing experience where I paid off an extra $12,000 on my mortgage. How’d I do it? Simple, I used Joan Sloan and the team at <company mortgage centre>.

And so on, keep it short, keep it simple.

Good luck and give it a go. It works and if you need any further advice, help or support drop me an email or give me call on: 0412 288 339.

Happy to help.

Jaffaman Eddie