Is Your Marketing Missing This Crucial Element?

There are many elements that make up great copy and marketing whether it’s online, radio, TV or print. However most marketing communication lacks a call-to-action and without it, chances are, it looks great, sounds great but you’re wasting your money.

Why? Because they lack a ‘call-to-action’

Okay, so what’s a ‘call-to-action?’

A call to action is copy, an image or verbal message that directs and motivates your audience to take a form of action you want them to take then and there.

So as countless clients always say to me I love the call to action you wrote Eddie and copywriting cadets ask me how to write stronger calls to actions for their own businesses, here are a few call-to-actions you can test for yourself on sales letters, print ads, radio ads and your website to help increase your conversion rates.

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A few other quick tips to consider for your call-to-action

8)   Use words and phrases in your call-to-action to motivate instant action such as: FREE, Register, Call, Buy, Subscribe, Donate, Join Now, Hurry, Limited offer, Order now, Don’t Delay, Don’t miss out

9)   Have a call-to-action on each page of your website/catalogue or magazine – make it easy for people to order and feel free to mix up your call-to-action on each page. If you have more than one call-to-action, try mixing them up a little, they don’t have to be all the same wording.

The take-away lesson here?

Go have a look at your sales letter, website or whatever right now and if it says the standard for more information please contact us at <88 8888 8888> which is about as motivating or exciting as watching mud dry, change it today!

Keep this in mind… Your call-to-action must Excite and motivate your audience to take the desired action you want them to take today!

Hope this helps, love to hear your own thoughts, experiences and feedback on this and have a great day.


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