Website Copywriting Tips

Writing website copy can be an uncertain experience for many, particularly if your not sure what to write or what the purpose of your website is. So to eliminate some of the stress and uncertainty, here’s a few website copywriting tips to help you identify your website visitor to take into consideration when writing your website copy.

1. Website visitors are time poor and goal orientated. They know what they want and are looking for the product or service that is of benefit to them, so put your biggest sales guns upfront to engage them and start rapport.

2. Website visitors are scan readers with a large percentage sitting up late at night so use subheaders to attract their eye and get their attention.

3. Reading a computer screen is harder to read than paper, so lay out your website copy in small easy to read chunks.

4. Even though website designers and website developers will disagree with me, I like to make it easy for people to contact me there and then while they are on my website. It eliminates clicking here and clicking there and the person getting annoyed, that’s why I like to feature contact details on every page.

5. Before you write a single word, ask yourself who is visiting your website and what do they want? Then based on your experiences cut out a photo of your target audience from a magazine, stick it on your computer and write to that person.

6. Have a free offer, free report or something to encourage them to take action today and so you can start building a relationship with them.

7. If professional SEO services are out of your budget, use

8. Don’t forget to have a headline so the minute they hit your site, they go wow, this is the place for me!

9. Ask yourself what the purpose of your website is. Is it to create leads, educate people, sell an event, direct them to a sales page or buy a product?

Anyway, until next time, have a good one



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