Ways To Overcome Objections

Here’s 3 Ways To Overcome Objections in Copy

By Jaffaman Eddie on: April 23rd, 2014

Throughout April I’ve been sharing a lot of content and proven tips in my blogs, presentations and webinars about how to write better copy for your website, print ads, sales letters, email campaigns and other marketing.

One thing I have not covered yet is, How to overcome people’s possible objections in your copy.

And this is a BIG missing link I see in a lot of marketing because you need to address people’s potentials objections in your marketing.

I think the reason businesses shy away from raising possible objections people may have is they do not want to raise any negatives in their marketing to turn the prospect off.

General rule of thumb: if you think people are going to be thinking it you should address it in your marketing.

Best of all by doing this you’ll increase opt-ins and sales and show you have nothing to hide.

So what could some of the potential objections be when someone is reading your website copy, print ad, email, direct mail marketing letter or even talking with you on the phone?

These could be objections, thoughts and internal resistance such as:

I don’t think I can afford this

What’s the catch?

Will it do everything you say it will?

When can I get it?

Will it work for me?

Can I get my money back?

and the list goes on.

So whether you write your own marketing copy or write copy for someone else you must make sure you address some of these core objections people may be asking themselves in your marketing.

And here are just of the few Ways To Overcome Objections: 

Objection #1 – I Don’t Think I Can Afford It

An objection someone may be thinking to themselves while reading your marketing may be  “I don’t think I can afford this?”

Overcome this potential objection for them by addressing their concern and including it in your marketing. You could say something such as “At only $30 a month and with a 90 day money guarantee this is a great solution for the savvy business owner keen to <put benefit of product or service here>

Objection #2 – Will it Work for me?

Here you could use a combination of frequently asked questions to address some or all of the questions they may have. How about including some “How To” benefit bullet points or showing how it has worked for others using a case study supported with some video or text testimonials.

Objection #3 – Address their resistance head on.

What I mean by that is read their mind so they take their guard down and listens to you without their scepticism and resistance.

For example you could say something such as “I know this sounds like more work and you’ve already got enough to do but take a minute right now to ask yourself what is it costing you right now to keep doing the same old thing and expecting different results?

What’s your experience with this?

What objections do you run into your marketing and how do you address them? Maybe you think you are missing out on sales because you do not address people’s potential objections in your marketing and want to.