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Today… Three tips to help complete projects faster!

After yesterdays FREE audio on three ways to feed and fuel your ambitions (which you can listen to here if you missed it) Michelle a graphic designer in Robina gave me a call asking me

“Do I have any suggestions or strategies to help her keep her projects and clients on track? I’m always chasing up clients and it’s holding me their projects up and my cash earning potential up. Plus it’s frustrating.”

Okay Michelle, as promised here’s a few of the tips we discussed, some other little gems and I’ll be sharing more on this topic at the upcoming $15 Better Business Harvest day March 27th.

#1. Always try and work with the key decision maker.

If you don’t generally speaking it will take a lot longer for the project to stay on track as more than one person is involved, they have other duties to perform, some of the decision makers may be away and the wheels in many business turn very slowly.

#2. Have a how your project comes to life or something similar.

You need this so it states clearly how your clients project will come to life, what you need from them, what you expect from them and what they will get in return and always, always include payment terms.

#3. Status reports.

Like I said Michelle your clients are busy, my clients are busy and we’re all busy. One of the greatest compliments I hear from my clients is that they always know what’s going on and what stage their project is at with us which is awesome to hear as that is one of the key things I wanted to get right from day dot.

Anyway I got to go and so do you.

I’ll be covering more ‘how to’ strategies on this topic as well as copywriting, marketing, idea creation and implementation and loads more at the Better Business Harvest day next week.

For $15 you’ll get to ‘mix n mingle’ with some other business owners, share experiences and solutions, learn some direct response copywriting strategies and loads more so if that is of use to you check out the all the details for this gig here.

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