Top Three Marketing Strategies in 2013

In this copywriting blog we’ll take you through the top three marketing strategies in 2013. This is a question I get asked a lot by my copywriting and marketing students, clients, business networking mates and prospects. Drum roll please….

“What do I think the top three marketing strategies are to grow a business in 2013?”

The online guys will say the Internet. I disagree and say there is no one single answer or solution as each business and consumers buying habits and trends are different.

But based on my experiences I’d have to say that implementing the three strategies below will give you the best chances of marketing success… grow your business consistently and make it almost bulletproof.

* Strategy #1 Having a marketing system in place that touch’s and communicate with existing clients on a regular basis using a combination of both online and offline marketing.

Strategy #2 Having a Referral marketing system using online and offline marketing materials

* Strategy #3 Having a “Missing In Action” or re-activate marketing system in place that targets previous customers who have not purchased from you in a set time. For me I use every 4 months. (You need to decide how often you’d like to keep bringing customers back.)

The cold hard fact!

You and I both know that as business owners, Entrepreneur’s or Marketing Managers our business growth and success DOES NOT come down to or should not rely on doing just one thing.

That’s business suicide!

Even as a direct response copywriter and personality marketer I know when a client comes to me and says “Hey Jaffaman I want a re-activation letter” my first reply is usually “Well when did you last speak or communicate with these people?”

Then there’s an awkward pause where one of two things happen

The client usually says “ I haven’t been in touch with them at all for at least four or six months or longer and I want to make money which is why I want a re-activation letter’ or…

He or she says, “I want to create a “Missing In Action” marketing process or system that I can use to re-activate my “Missing In Action” customers so I do not lose them.

Now option 1 one-off marketing is floored!! Getting me, a staff member or one of my competitors to write a one-off letter to send to previous customers who have not heard from you in three, four six or 12 months is a floored strategy and here’s why.

1. Even though they are previous clients you have not communicated with them regularly. That means they’re going to think you don’t care about them so you have to start all over again to gain their trust, respect and any potential future business.

Sending a one-off letter, email or postcard ‘out of the blue’ based on my experience because you need the money is the wrong mindset to have and a total waste of your money, time and resources.

Having said that, you do need to start somewhere and any action is better than no action at all and when you consider 2013 us about to kick there’s no better time than right now!!

My point?

Instead of thinking about “one-offs” what you really need is a system or marketing process in place that repeats itself over and over!

What does it take to get started and succeed in using your marketing system?

When most people think of marketing they think expense, it’s all too hard and a real hassle. Of course, they are also the same people complaining about having no clients.

Me, I love marketing! In fact, I’m a marketer first and encourage any person in business to be a marketer first and here’s why.

Nothing happens in your business without marketing and like it or hate, the “fortune is in the follow.”

So you need different marketing systems to target different groups of prospects or clients using both online and offline marketing communication points to grow your businesses and get away from emailing clients or snail-mailing clients you haven’t heard from in a while in the hope they’ll do business with you “out of the blue.”

Marketing systems sound like a lot of work right?

They are to set up and get initial momentum going and to execute it consistently but the rewards pay for themselves ten-fold in the long term.

The biggest obstacles and challenges I’ve discovered from speaking with many of my clients and SME’s is they are time-poor… are not experienced in writing the copy for the marketing system pieces and are foggy on when and how to implement and execute each stage

Re-activating previous clients using a system isn’t as time-consuming or as hard as you think with this

The good news is even if you re on a small budget you can automate a lot of your marketing systems to a certain degree and…

If you think you’d like the extra income and rewards of reactivating your “Missing In Action” customers using a mini marketing system, you can get started immediately.

The first thing is to make the decision you’re going to do it and commit to it!

Then you can speed up this process using the same “Missing In Action” mini marketing system and materials I developed and use.

That’s right. It’s the same power-packed miniature marketing pieces… system and process I use every month to re-activate my “Missing In Action” customers that’s perfect for busy smaller one-man businesses, husband and wife teams and smaller business owners.

And when you consider your “Missing In Action” re-activation mini-marketing system comes complete with…

• 1x Re-activation sales letter

• 1 x Follow up email

• 1 x SMS message

• 1 x postcard

• 1x 45 second follow up phone script it’s money well spent plus…

You also get my guidance and direction on how and when to execute each piece or stage for HALF THE NORMAL PRICE AS WELL!

A word of warning though…

This “Missing In Action” Mini Marketing system is 50% off but only available until December 20th or until the first three are sold and these will go quick at just $299 + GST.

The beauty of this is 97% of the copywriting is done for you however you will have to edit and create the offer on your letter, follow up email and postcard


You can buy the Deluxe “Missing In Action” re-activation mini-marketing system today and I’ll edit and write the offer for your letter, the follow-up email the postcard and the follow-up phone script all for an extra $117.

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What you have to do next to get your hands on one of these elusive “Missing In Action” Mini Marketing systems

I know you’re busy and really want this so you can have a system in place that will re-activate previous customers over and over in 2013 but in the back of your mind you’re thinking this is just more work but you’d be wrong.

Decide which “Missing In Action” re-activation mini-marketing system is right for you and get it today while you can for half the normal price.

Remember the starter and deluxe “Missing In Action” Mini Marketing System comes complete with:

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What did you think about our top three marketing strategies for 2013? 

Drop a comment with your thoughts below. 


Merry Christmas, good luck and best wishes.


Jaffaman Eddie

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