When it comes to finding tips to writing a business brochure there’s no shortage of blogs and articles to choose from.

However sharing with people why they should choose your product or service over all the other options available to them in the copy of your business brochure isn’t always easy.

And with no shortage of online and offline media to choose from, one method you can use to bring you not only more quality prospects and clients, but also minimise time-wasters, is to have a killer business information or company profile pack.

And these days, business information packs come in all shapes, lengths and in different forms of media.

Some information packs are delivered digitally which can include your website, others are on paper and many relationship marketing systems use a combination of both.


Most business brochures and information packs usually come on one of the formats below such as:Image of two hands on computer keyboard typing on tips to writing a great business brochure or information pack on Creative Copywriting Gold Coast website

Tri-fold brochures
Cover letter
Company profiles
Shock & awe packs
Landing pages
Video’s on CD
And more.

Fact is, whatever you use or call them; they all have one outcome in common which is…

To build trust with people, highlight how your product or service can solve a problem your hottest prospect has, and how they will be benefited by doing business with you.


Our Get In Your Head Checklist 

When it comes to choosing any product or service we want to buy or use, we all have our own checklist in our head of the outcome we want.

And when it comes to business, your company profile, shock and awe pack or business information pack needs to check all those boxes as best as possible.

That said, here are seven elements to creating the right business information pack so you can turn new prospects into new and repeat clients.


Tips To Writing A Business Brochure

by Jaffa man Eddie, Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions


1. Cover LetterImage of man in blue business suit sitting at desk with hand open on Tips To Writing A Business Brochure Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions website

As copywriters, we always write in terms of outcomes for people and how they will benefit. It’s the direct response copywriter in me.

With your business information cover letter, you need to get to the main message and benefits ‘meat’ early and outline whom you serve, what you do and why you’re the solution.

Don’t be afraid to share your story either, as it helps people get to know you. I’ve always found that people do business with people they like, know and trust.


2. Testimonials & References

Just starting out and don’t have any customers yet? We all start somewhere! If you’re a new business or service and haven’t worked with many people yet, make a list of every single project, job, gig and whatever else you’ve had experience within your life.


3. List Of Clients

If you do have some previous customers you’ve worked with before, list them in your business information brochure or pack so people can see the types of people and businesses you serve.

One of the biggest mistakes we see in business marketing is businesses focusing on what their product or services are when they should be really focusing on “whom their product or service is for.”


Having an experienced professional copywriter provide quality service and write our company profile brochure has improved our image and business within our industry tenfold. Thanks again Eddie & Creative Copywriting Solutions.

John Chapman

Director, Willow Property Services


4. Explain Your Process

Apart from including your point of difference about what makes you different than your competitors, including the basic processes of

What you need your customer to do
How you work and what your role is
Payment terms
And what you need from your customers to get their projects done in a hassle-free service are all-crucial.

Many businesses assume people know how their service and process works. Most do not – so take them by the hand and show them.

Apart from giving potential customers general insight into what they can expect and how you work with them, including your processes also lets them know you’re the real deal, professional and gives them clear expectations while putting them in the picture of what working with you could be like.


5. By-Line Or Bio

Another important component of your business information pack, and where many businesses miss the mark is – overlooking how important a by-line or biography is.

The truth is, people, do business with other people they like, have confidence in and trust. This is where people will come to know you, your goals, your ‘why’ and purpose, and get a glimpse of who you and your business are.

This section is particularly important because this is also part of making people feel comfortable with you which ultimately helps them decide if they’d like to work with you.


6. Services

Many of us who own businesses assume new and repeat customers already know what services or products we provide however nothing could be further from the truth.

Solution Bullet point a list of the services you and your business provide in your company profile, tri-fold business brochure or shock and awe pack.

You’ve already captured the prospect’s interests if they’re still reading, but vague and confusing service descriptions are a sure-fire way to turn them off completely.


7. Portfolio Or Case Studies (samples of your work) 

Time to close the deal. Show your client that you’re a professional, win them over and prove your business or service is an asset to them that they need.

Include any of the past projects you’ve worked on, a case study or milestones for your business or service, and if possible provide a sample of what your business does (show a picture of your product or service in action, get creative).

So there you have it, follow these simple guidelines you’ll find yourself with a top-quality business brochure, shock and awe pack or information pack that will attract, educate and build confidence with those people you want to work with while filtering out the time-wasters.


Rounding Up

There’s no doubt that a well-written, designed and formatted business brochure, shock and awe pack or company profile can go a long way to attracting the right type of person and converting them into paying customers.

Of course, the elements you want to include in your digital or paper business information pack are as individual as you are.

What I mean by this is business information packs we’ve written have varied from a single sheet A4 tri-fold brochure to 40-page shock and awe packs for sheds and other business services and products.


Over To You

Do you have any tips for writing a business brochure? Please share them here. 


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