After Tips To Overcome Writer’s Block?

Jaffaman Eddie Orange Cartoon Creative Copywriting ImageHi, here are some of my best tips to overcome writer’s block that have served me well in my 31 year copywriting career.


Tip 1. Experience Counts

Now I am going out on a limb here and say I don’t suffer from writer’s block anymore. Or at least not as much as I used to back in the day.

I think there are a few reasons for that.

One is experience – I’ve been writing copy for over 31 years and been supplying copywriting and content writing services to businesses through Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions since 2003.

So I have quite a lot of flesh in the copywriting, content writing, personal branding and marketing game as they say.

I’m a generalist copywriter and content writer too. So I have written a lot of copy for a lot of different products and services over the decades.

For me being a generalist copywriter instead of a niche-specific copywriter has huge advantages in overcoming writer’s block. I’ve written copy for many different products and services for B2C and B2B products and services over the years.

This generalist has given me a huge amount of experience and confidence to write copy and content for any number of niches and consumer attitudes and buying patterns.


Tip 2. AttitudeRed Head Woman At Computer Creative Copywriting image

Another tip to overcome writer’s block is having the wrong attitude.

If your attitude isn’t fired up about writing that particular project, it is going to show through in your work and ultimately can contribute to writer’s block.

So to avoid writer’s block, have a great attitude before you start to write any project.

If your heart’s not in it, don’t start. Step off, catch your breath and hit it when your attitude is rockin to get
into it.


Tip 3. Learn How To Turn Off Your Self-Editor

One of the best tips to overcome writer’s block students, freelance content writers and copywriters and clients I see and teach is them trying to write the perfect copy in the first draft.

It’s understandable. Any of us who write anything from website copy to social media posts to essays start writing and say to ourselves, ‘I don’t like that.” Or that doesn’t target my audience needs or problems.

You need to turn your self-editor off when writing copy or anything for business or pleasure and here’s how.

Step 1. Draft out your copy and include anything and everything that comes out of you. Just let it ooze on out!

Step 2. After 24-48 hours of your first draft read it out loud or have someone read it to you out loud. It’s the copywriting barstool test.

The barstool test shows you where sentences are clunky or don’t make sense. Where sentences should end and so on.

Step 3. Then go back and tweak your copy based on the copywriters’ barstool test.

Once you master how to turn off your self-editor, you’ll go a long way to avoid suffering writer’s block.


Tip 4. Meditate ManMediation Woman In Garden Image

Yep, I’m a rocker, a roller but I’m also a firm believer in taking care of myself these days and meditation rocks! 

So another tip that I found invaluable for overcoming writer’s block is meditation. I meditate three times a day.

The reason I think meditation works so well for me in avoiding writer’s block is it clears my mind and gets my creative juices flowing.

I also use meditation to visualise my day for five minutes or so, which gives me the confidence to tackle anything that comes my way.

I also spend ten minutes three times a day, visualising my future life. 

This keeps my creative juices flowing, keeps me focused on what I need to do, how I am going to do it, and where I am going.

You know what they say, ‘What you desire, desires you.’


Tip 5. Avoid Your Phone

The last tip I could give you to overcome writer’s block would be to stay away from your phone first thing in the morning.Social media mobile phone image for tips to overcome writer's block copywriting

The only reason I use my phone first in the morning is to do my morning meditation. Many people start their day on their phone.

This isn’t good. Starting your day answering to other people’s demands or putting out fires, taking a photo of yourself in bed and posting it on social media so you feel connected to something isn’t the way to go. 


Because you’re starting your day answering to other people demands.

Don’t do it!

Putting yourself in a good state for your day is priceless to your success, performance, creativity, and avoiding writer’s block.

Well, I hope these tips to overcome writer’s block help you or someone you know. More importantly, I hope you can action them into your writing life.   

What Are Your Tips To Overcome Writer’s Block?

Our fans, subscribers and readers would love to hear them, so leave your comments below so others can learn from you.

We’re all interconnected and here to serve each other so let’s share.

Keep writing, keep smiling and see you next time.


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