Crypto Token Creation

$3,500.00 INC GST

Do contact us before placing an order and deflationary tokens have different prices.

If you are looking for a developer who helps you to get your first token and smart contract so you are in the right place, we will give you your own erc20 token and bep20 token, you can list that token on multiple exchanges to trade and freely send anyone on Ethereum blockchain, Binance smart chain (BSC), and Polygon.

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1. Ethereum

2. Binance Smart chain

3. Polygon

we will develop and test the project within 3 days, to ensure it’s perfect for implementation on ethereum, binance smart chain , ethereum mainnet.

Free Testnet checking is provided for your satisfaction after Testnet we can move towards Mainnet.

we will deploy the contract remotely from your personal computer.

What my gig provides:

  • All erc20 token and bep20 standard functions implementation.
  • Free testing and fixing smart contract on testnet before implementing on mainnet.
  • Gives you 100% ownership.
  • Provides your source code with additional charges.

What I need from you:

  • token name (ex: Tether)
  • symbol (ex: USDT)
  • decimals: (ex: 18)
  • total supply:(ex: 10 Million)
  • blockchain:(ex: ethe