There isn’t a week that passes where someone doesn’t ask me about what kind of things to consider before starting a small business.

So here are some Small Business Marketing & Mindset Tips.

Based on my 16 years of experience in operating a copywriting and content writing business, success in business is as much about mindset, tenacity, commitment, and passion as it is about being good at what you do.

That said, here’s a question that rolled in last week about how to start a business while you’re employed and a few of the small business marketing and mindset tips advice I shared which you may find useful too.

Also, I would love you to add your thoughts and experience on this blog, so leave a comment and feel free to share this article with people you think can benefit from it.


Hey, Eddie. Though I am well settled in my job, I have been toying around with the idea of a start-up. I have a couple of great ideas. How should I proceed? What are the kind of mistakes I should avoid?


Small Business Marketing & Mindset Tips for small business owners:

1. Forget about this whole work-life balance thing – Work is a part of life. Sometimes we have to hustle and relationships suffer. So focus on work and life harmony.

2. Control time or let time control you – For more info check out the video below!

3. Start small think big – Don’t go out and waste your money on wants. Always ask yourself if it is a need or want before buying anything for your business.

4. Keep your day job while you set up your start-up – This way you have money coming in. Only when you earn enough should you make the move and give up your employment.

5. Be the marketer of your thing, not the technician – Now the reality is as a startup, you have to do everything. So what you want to do is focus on the most important tasks that bring you new and repeat clients first to build your business. Do the lower priority tasks later.

Man Playing Guitar6. Look after yourself – Building a business will challenge you mentally. You need a lot of mental muscle so do whatever it is you do to relax consistently. Me, I meditate morning and night, play the guitar, write songs, enjoy family time, go surfing and so on. So remember to take time for yourself!

7. Competition – Don’t worry about it. Have an abundance mentality, competition is healthy. There is plenty for everyone.

8. Realise you’re in the business of serving people – You can’t get what you want if you do not help people get what they want. Focus and understand you’re in the business of serving people.

9. Don’t focus solely on money – Money is important but understanding why you’re in business, who you serve and having a vision of where you want to go is crucial.

10. Set short term, mid-term and long-term goals for business, health and pleasure – This can be for how many clients you want, what income you’re after from those clients, what health goals you want to achieve and so on.

11. All customers are not created equal – The number of businesses who complain about their customers is shocking. There is nothing saying you have to take on a client you do not want to for whatever reason.

12. Business is about people – Relationships and people do business with people they like, know, connect with and trust.

Jessi and Eddie copywriting picture

13. Run your business on your personality – Don’t be something you’re not!

14. Zig when everybody else zags! One of that most contributing factors to our success over the past 16 years it would be innovation, creation and motivation. When you do the same as everyone else you get the same
results and in 98% of those cases, those results are poor.

15. All that matters is results and service – Yes you may be great at what you do, have a great product and service but this is all expected form any business these days. At the end of the day, all that matters are results. Life isn’t fair and neither is starting your own business.

16. Embrace your mistakes and failures – Without failures and mistakes, you’ll never learn anything. Embrace the mistakes you make, learn from them and put a strategy in place so it does not happen again.

17. Work harder on yourself than you do your job! Invest in yourself. Read the books, attend the courses, network & learn from others. I read 30 minutes every day, watch something for 30 minutes every day and write every day. That time could be spent learning more about operating a business, copywriting, self-improvement, marketing understanding business financials, whatever!

18. Live in your future – This is extremely powerful especially when the #hits hitting the fan and things are just not going right. Visualise what you want, who you serve and why you want it daily.


Marketing tips to get customers for your startup business:

Image of two guys chatting over laptop Small Business Marketing & Mindset Tips1. Create marketing messages for your hottest prospects or audience. The ‘who your marketing is for is more important than
what it is.

2. As a startup make yourself known to your local community. Go to networking events not to sell, to build relationships.

3. Must have marketing items for your startup business

   • Website with a name capture form
   • Business card
    E-newsletter software MailChimp or something similar
    USP (Unique selling proposition) Find something about you, your product or service that stands you out in           the marketplace. Separate yourself from the herd!
    As startup copywriting or content writing service or another service provider, you may want to consider                 joining Freelancer, Get a copywriter and Fivver.

Now I am not really a fan of these platforms as you are always competing on price, however, to build your portfolio, get some clients and improve your business building skills, these are great places to start.

4. Local business directories – Get your business listed in all the local directories in your area. This helps with search engine rankings. Make sure the name address and phone number (NAP) are all formatted the same way. This helps with search engine rankings.

5. Be prepared like the Scouts or Girl Guides – Have a phone answering script to help qualify people who call you.

6. Your Fortunes In The Follow Through – Had an enquiry and have not done anything to convert an interested prospect into a paying customer? That’s bad. Understand your clients are time poor and operating their own business. Sometimes you may not be dealing directly with the decision-maker so he or she has to run your proposal by other’s which takes time.


Found this blog on small business marketing and mindset tips useful?

Please add your comments, thoughts and your own experience on this topic below. We’d love to hear them and feel free to share this article with people you think can benefit from it too.

The point is, always follow up in a timely manner with any enquiry you receive.



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