Six Ways to Create Relationships for Under $41

Hi, today I’ve got for you six ways to create relationships for under $41.
With more and more marketing channels becoming available to us it’s easy to fall into the hype and waste money.
What you need to do is test and build on it from there.
Anyway, that’s another topic entirely so if you’re after a few easier ways to build your business locally here are a few of the strategies taken from my ’41 Ways to Market Your Business For Under $41″ e-book I use with great success.
Enjoy and good luck
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6 Outside The Box relationship Building Strategies

  1. Linked In – Everyone you connect with on Linked In, send him or her your business card with a handwritten thanks on a post-it-note within a week saying ‘Thanks for connecting.’
  2. Let them know you exist – Having coffee with friends or a prospect at a coffee shop? Everywhere you go leave a business card on the table when you leave. You’d be surprised who picks them up. This strategy alone has picked me up more than one client and about $17000 over the past nine years but more importantly, many of these people are now best friends, great business partners and mentors.
  3. ABM – Always be marketing. The best business, product or service does not win anymore, the best marketers do!
  4. Every enquiry you get, mail them your business card. You may have missed out on the project and they may not have used this time, but they may in the future especially if they chose your competitor and have a bad experience.
  5. Test a Try Before You Buy Service – Way back when the world was flat I used to write the headline and the lead as a try before you buy offer and incentive for people who came to me copywriting. Have a think about whether or not you can you supply anything like that for your product or service?
  6. Volunteer or Get on the Board – Get yourself on the board of Directors, or volunteer. You’d be surprised how many key decision-makers in your local business district you open yourself up to.

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