Pro Edge Realty Case Study

Type of client: New
Industry: Residential Property Management & Real Estate
Business Name: Pro Edge Rentals (Now Pro Edge Realty)
By: Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions, Gold Coast


Snapshot of Services we delivered to Pro Edge Realty

Direct Response SEO website copywriting
Website lead magnet concept, writing and graphic design
 Crafting a unique selling proposition
Tagline creation
Write and graphic design a three-step direct response follow up sales letter campaign
Supply lead generation business card
Write and layout two website landing pages
Supply additional online and offline copywriting and content writing services and marketing support 


The Challenge

Pro Edge Realty is the discerning property management and real estate service exclusively for new and experienced property investors in South East Queensland. 

Pro Edge Realty Creative Copywriting image

Their challenge, Pro Edge Rentals (now Pro Edge Realty) pre-existing website and other marketing had served its purpose well for its time.

Some of the more common problems with their website were

Their website struggled to capture quality leads and reach new target audiences for the amount of traffic arriving on their website
They wanted to update their brand and businesses services
And they had a free appraisal website opt-in or lead magnet offer. This FREE appraisal offer was the same as all their competitors, so they had no Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to stand them out from their competition.


Our Solution

Step 1. Direct Response SEO Website copy – After determining their hottest prospects needs, wants and desires, we wrote and supplied approx. 8 pages of direct response style SEO website copy.

Step 2. Create A Unique Selling Proposition – Then based on their input we created a Unique Selling Proposition for them where they guarantee they can rent your investment property out in 14 days or less.

Step 3. Three-step direct response follow up sale letter campaign written – We also wrote and designed a series of highly targeted direct response follow up letters. These are used to follow up on property investors who expressed interest but were yet to make a final decision.

Step 4. Write and supply website lead magnet – We also wrote and designed a website lead magnet for them. The purpose of this is to capture some of their website visitors contact details to build their database and maximise the number of targeted leads they were getting for an offer. Pro Edge Realty Lead Magnet image

Step 5. Write and supply two website landing pages – Pro Edge Realty also got us to write and do graphic design of two website landing pages that targeted specific property investors in a specific region

Step 6. Additional online and offline copywriting and content writing services – We also created a tagline, are working on their LinkedIn profile and created a who we serve website page (that none of their competitors has) as well as other online and offline marketing collateral.

Visit their website here.



While some of these copywriting and marketing campaigns have only been live in the marketplace for a short time, Pro Edge Realty has already started to experience a boost in offline and online enquiry and more qualified website traffic and prospects using a combination of online and offline marketing which they are extremely pleased about.

Currently, we are working with them on other copywriting, content writing and marketing campaigns to bolster their online and offline leads, market share and brand in their industry further.


I cannot speak highly enough of Eddie and his team. They not only produced great copy, but their customer service, communication and willingness to help and go the extra mile was a standout. Thank you Eddie!!

Mark & The Team

Pro Edge Realty


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