Three Proven Ways To Stop Being A Slave To Your Inbox!

Wondering how you can stop being a slave to your inbox? Okay, we’ve all done it at one time or another.

You wake up, check your email on your phone before you’ve even had a coffee and you start your day on the back-foot because from the moment you wake up, you’re answering other people’s agendas.

In summary you’re a slave to your inbox and this isn’t productive to you, your health or preparing your mind for the day ahead.


So what do you do escape being a slave to your inbox?

Try this.

Step 1. Prepare for your day. Don’t start your day answering other people’s agenda’s. Checking emails on your phone as soon as you get up or as soon as you get to work is no good.

Step 2. Write out your “must get” done priorities first for the day and only check your emails once in morning and once in the afternoon.

Step 3. When you do check your email search

your email by the name of the person you are waiting

on emails from.


Get to the rest of the emails when

you check your email later in the day.

Got another idea or tip you use to stop being slave to your inbox?

Would love to hear it so share it below so all our readers can benefit.

Let me know how you go.


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