8 Marketing Sins To Avoid

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1. Marketing sin to avoid – relying on one marketing stream for your business lead generation.
Solution – diversify your marketing efforts using more than one marketing method or stream so you don’t rely on just one method of acquiring new clients.
2. Marketing sin to avoid – No outcome or strategy for your marketing campaign.
Solution – define what the outcome is that you want from any marketing campaign you undertake first.
3. Marketing sin to avoid – Inconsistency. Don’t just market your business when business is slow or times are tough.
Solution – market your business consistently (at least 1-2 hours a day) and the rewards will follow.
4. Copywriting sin to avoid – Starting your lead opening talking about you and your business first, when you should be engaging your clients and identifying his or her needs or problems first.

Solutioncheck out the six lead opening sentences I have up there for you on this website.

5. Marketing sin to avoid – Being The Same As Everyone Else – Keeping your marketing the same as everyone else will bring the same results
as everyone else.
Solution – use your marketing to define what makes you different in the marketplace and to give your business a personality.
6. Copywriting AND marketing sin to avoid – Not seeing things from your
clients or prospects perspective. (Refer to number 4)
Solution – before any major marketing campaign, survey a percentage of your existing clients and ask them why they used you. Then use that information as part of your core marketing message.
7. Marketing sin to avoid – Attaching pain to marketing your business.
Solution instead of seeing marketing as a chore or a pushy exercise in sales, embrace it because if you don’t take charge of your business, you’ll be driven out of business.
8. Marketing sin to avoid – perfection kills
Solution instead of being a perfectionist who never achieves anything or gets anything done, get it as close to perfect as you can and go with it. Nothing is ever going to be perfect!
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