Tips for launching a business, new product or service using social media

We’ll take you through an easy four-step process on successfully launching products or services using social media. 

Let’s say you want to open up a new nail salon business. Instead of spending your dollars placing ads in local newspapers, magazines and other publications here is how you can use the power of social media for launching products or services.

Step 1. Grab a Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, YouTube account, LinkedIn and a Flickr account.

Step 2. Six weeks or so before your grand opening or product launch you start growing your community.

Use the search function in Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to find and engage with potential customers by running localised, real-time searches for people talking about nails, manicures, and other related beauty services.

STEP 3. You then make and post videos and pictures to your YouTube account of you getting your location, product or business ready for opening day.

You’ll notice the more time you spend on your networks more people are talking to you and you’re starting to expanding your reach.

STEP 4. Then three weeks or more before your grand opening, you announce you’re running a competition. You upload photos or video of the worst or best nails you’ve seen and ask your social media community to do the same. The winner with the worst nails gets free nail treatments for a month or something you feel is beneficial to them as their prize.

Your social media community audience goes crazy and loves the idea of the contest and start sending photos or video in of their finger or toenail horror stories.

By now, your social media community are spending time with you and your brand is growing and as your opening day approaches, you’ve created heaps of interest in your social network relationships in your nail Salon that people are dying to find out more.

Two-three days before your opening day or new product launch, you send out a digital coupon to your social network – 20% off of a nail treatment if you mention the network you found it on.

People with good nails, bad nails and downright ugly nails come into your Salon in droves, with their coupons.

After opening day, people talk about your Salon to their friends through your social media community, which results in your brand and business growing through word of mouth. You keep posting regular videos and photos of the services you provide.

Can you really use social media for Lead Generation?

Of course you can. Through the power of Twitter Search, you’re able to search for people who are talking about bad nails within 5km, 10km or 30kms of your Nail Salon. Whenever someone mentions a bad nail experience, you’re able to start up a conversation, and offer them a special offer or price on an “I can fix your nail problem for you”. Over time, about 50% of the people you offer this coupon to come in, and of those, let’s say anywhere from 20% – 40% come back for another nail treatment. That’s potent and powerful marketing.

Every now and then you’ll post a coupon code in a photo or video. You estimate that you get about 5 extra people coming in for nail treatments each month, and the average customer value of these is about $25 more than standard walk-ins.

The great aspect of social media is with proper attention, it significantly expands the entry points for your brand and business. Now, instead of customers finding you through just Google Search, or the Yellow Pages, they can find you through Search, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, and many, many more.


What’s even more powerful with social media is its capabilities for engaging people while generating exposure for your company and brand. If people are involved with you on an emotional level, they will be much more likely to refer friends and family to your business, as well as talk positively about your brand.

Good luck with it and best wishes, Eddie

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