Key Questions To Ask A Copywriter Before Hiring Them

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With so many different copywriting and content writing services popping up now, it can be hard to know which copywriter or content writing service is right for you.

And while it might seem easier to write your copy yourself (after all, no one knows your business like you do), you can run into problems that you would avoid when utilising the service of a professional.

Having said that, it’s important to ask the right questions so you can get the most out of a copywriter or service.


So here are my top 7 key questions to ask a copywriter before you hire them based on my 30 years industry experience. 


#1. Does the copywriter just supply copy or do they have a solid understanding of how their copywriting fits into your overall marketing campaign?

#2. How do they continue to improve their marketing knowledge as well as their copywriting or content writing skills?

#3. Do they write all the copy on their own or do they outsource your copywriting project to another writer?

#4. Do they charge by the word, hour or package?

#5. Can they provide you with phone numbers of at least 3 previous clients they’ve written copy or content for?

#6. Do they specialise in any particular field of copywriting or content writing?

#7. Have they written any copy for, or have any experience in, your industry?


Like I said this is a BIG topic. 

There is no shortage of content writers and copywriting services passing themselves off as professionals with no more than a website and email address so be careful. A copywriter should work towards your best interest

It can be difficult to find the copywriter that fits what you need best, which is why it’s important to do your research. Not only that, but finding someone that you trust with your business can also be tricky.

Asking these basic questions can make sure you and your copywriter are the best fit, and that your copywriter can do their best to help you maximise your potential prospects and return.

As usual, if you have questions just give me and the Jaffamites a call on 0412 288 339 or drop us an email.



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