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Problem Solution Headline writing tips and video about How to Write a Problem Solution Headline: 

Now it’s no secret why most marketing fails to bring in the bacon and falls on deaf ears.

Some businesses market to the wrong people

Some businesses have no USP, ESP (Emotional selling proposition) or differentiation

Some businesses market where their hottest prospects are not looking and

Most businesses have a product-focused headline instead of a whom it is for headline.

Now as an example there are about 11 -15 major headline concepts you can use to target the whom it is for rather than the what it is to attract the prospects you really want

Some of these headlines are

• Problem Solution
• Stacked Benefits
• Number of Ways To /Reasons Why
• How to
• Imagine or Visualise

So today let’s focus on How to Write a Problem Solution Headline, as I use this one a lot in my own and when I’m writing direct response copy for my customers.
So the basic Problem Solution headline concept is to highlight the biggest problem your prospect (or existing customer has) and position you or your product or service as the solution.

Here are a few examples of problem solution headlines to help you get the

general idea and how you could apply them to your marketing

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Now of course this is just one headline concept but before you write this off as this will never work for you I want to think about this

• What motivates you to read an article?

• What motivates you to read a newspaper?

• What motivates you to find a solution to a problem you may have and want to solve?

In 90% of cases it’s the headline so don’t sit there saying this would never

work for your business because it can.

Okay if you have any questions, idea’s or a problem solution headline of your own you’d like to share I’d love to hear it so leave a comment below, share this with your friends and if you do have a question reach out to me and I’ll be only to happy to help.

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Okay you’re busy and so am I so until next time, I’m Jaffaman Eddie and I’m out here.