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ask Ernie – PRESS RELEASE…

Vodafone Dealership provides Free Networking, Advertising and Marketing for SME’s .

In the first innovative deal of its kind, the community-based marketing and support service ‘ask Ernie CBMSS’ has teamed up with Vodafone Australia to help small business save and create new cash flow.

Speaking with Bryson Snowden, Director and Founder of ask Ernie CBMSS, here’s what he had to say.

“I am really excited about our new Vodafone dealership, given the economic climate, small businesses really need to protect their cash flow yet still maintain consistent exposure in the market place. Thanks to the support of Vodafone we have made this possible. It is really big news for small business. Now you can save money on your mobile bill plus generate new customers for your business at the same time.”

When asked how does the ask Ernie CBMSS membership work, Bryson said, “Our service connects local businesses and consumers creating the power of group buying and marketing practices. This is the back bone to providing year round promotional prizes, fun networking events, and very effective advertising mediums for our members to use and generate new customers without draining their cash flow.

ask Ernie has an annual membership fee which is nowincluded in selected mobile phone plans exclusive to our new Vodafone Premium Business Dealership. Alternatively a membership can be purchased outright at an affordable price.

With cash flow a precious commodity for business owners at the best of times, this concept is being well received by local businesses. “It is a terrific example of what great things can be achieved when people work together and combine resources.”

ask Ernie’s core focus is to help small businesses grow and prosper, which is why hundreds of local business owners are already benefiting from the services it provides.

For more details or to register your business in the service call 0401 811 710 or go to www.askernie.com.au