Effective Email Writing Tips

This week I’d thought I’d share with you four email writing tips so you can connect and engage your reader on a much deeper level to help increase your sales, your email marketing automation and email effectiveness.

But before we get into that, I’d like you to have a think about how you and other people use email for a second?

Most people use email to communicate with suppliers, friends, prospects, co-workers, and family in their own voice, personality and tone right? So with that in mind let’s get into it…

• Writing effective email tip 1

Focus on your reader

No matter what you’re writing or whom you’re writing to, you are writing to one person who has thoughts and feelings of their own. So, a great way to keep one person’s attention is to make the email about him or her. Focus the email on them. Keep in mind that your reader is time-poor, and even if they do know you they need to know early on that the email is about them so get to the meat early for your reader.

• Writing effective email tip 2

Show you care

Showing the reader you care about them using your passion, personality and honesty in your email tone is a proven formula to having your reader feel like you understand them. Before writing your email ask yourself Why are you writing to them? What benefit do you want them to get out of it? When you do this sincerely your reader will feel like you understand them. It shows you are there to help them.

• Writing effective email tip 3

Stay focused on the one big idea

If there is too much information and too many ideas in your email the reader will become confused and fail to understand the message you’re trying to deliver. So before writing your email (and any other copy), write what the big idea is and what the purpose of your email is. What is the one specific thought, feeling, or action you want to stimulate or inspire them to take?

• Writing effective email tip 4

Make it an easy read

Avoid writing your email copy so it goes across the entire screen and having big blocks of copy as they are harder to read. Keep the copy in your email in short chunks and use subheads to break up copy so it is an easy read for the reader.

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