How To Create An Additional Income Stream: Eddie’s Dealerships. 

Save it, Spend It And Earn ‘One Off’ and Monthly Payments As A FREE Eddie Dealership member

Are you looking to create an additional income stream without having a boss…the office politics… or having to recruit people to be paid and rewarded?

Maybe you’re looking for ways to earn a little or a lot of passive  ‘one off’ or monthly payment income. Pay off that nasty credit card debt sooner, save for that holiday or just put it away for a rainy day.

Whatever your need an Eddie FREE affiliate membership could be for you.To date it’s proving to be a great way for people all over Australia to earn ‘one off’ and monthly commission payments on qualifying sales from a range of my products and services such as

• Copywriting & Marketing Centre sales plus additional commission opportunities on my other services such as

Eddie Marketing Club memberships – receive monthly commissions for the term they’re a member 

• Eddie Information Marketing Products – ‘one off’ payment on any Eddie CD, DVD or e-book or other product sales

Eddie MoneyMaker subscriptions – receive monthly commissions for the term they’re a subscriber

• Eddie Marketing Systems – one off payment commissions on any marketing system sale you bring in and as well as commissions on Eddie’s Writing and Marketing Academy and other “Eddie” products and services.

How an Eddie Affiliate memberships works –  Once you’re an Eddie affiliate member let’s say you recommend someone you know to the Eddie Marketing Club. They end up joining.

You’ll receive a monthly commission payment based on what membership they choose for the term they’re a member. You can also get monthly commissions like this with the MoneyMaker subscriptions too.

Earn one off commissions from my marketing systems, information products and more!

Of course once you’re an affiliate you also have the opportunity to earn additional one off payments on the sales of my information marketing CD’s and DVD’s and e-books, my marketing systems and loads more!

Some affiliates have experience in business, networking, marketing and direct response copywriting and some do not. I’ll provide training and affiliates are accepted on attitude rather than skills basis and best of all

Becoming a Eddie affiliate is FREE

Work when and how you want with low overheads and start up costs.

• The beauty of this is you can ride on the back of my success

• You can work from your kitchen table, your local park or beach or even overseas

• You can work this business as much or as little as you like 

• In your own time when you want to and…

• You’ll be working with one of Australia’s most trusted brands in copywriting and marketing plus…

• It’s FREE!

After applying and being acceptted affiliate membership commissions are paid weekly and you can cancel anytime.

But this is not for everyone and I’m not looking for everyone.

I’m seeking people who are committed to two years as a general rule because this is not a get rich scheme or magic bullet.

It takes time, training and sheer determination to build up your skills and how much money you make but with my help and your passion over time you’ll be on your way I have no doubt about that.

If you’d like to earn additional income, develop your skills and take charge of your life as a FREE E.C.M.C. affiliate email me today for more information. No orange suit is required to be an affiliate

Grab your application to Become an Eddie Affiliate here