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Copywriting Case Study: Cleaning Service

By: Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions
Client Name: Encore Carpet Professionals
Business: • Carpet Redyeing • Refreshing • Replacement •
Servicing: Gold Coast, Redland Bay & Brisbane
Case study: October 2015
By: Jaffaman Eddie, CMO Chief Marketing Officer and T.G.I.C. Creative Copywriting Solutions,
Part of Eddie’s Enterprises, Gold Coast, Australia
Date: Monday, November 16th, 2015


Over the last few months, we’ve been working with Ross & Lorraine of Encore Carpets on an array of marketing and copywriting services and projects. 

Like many business owners Ross and Lorraine have no shortage of great ideas but never have the time to execute them. Moreover, they do not have the field of expertise to productively go through the marketing process.

“Like many small business owners, I’m constantly under the pump to deliver quality and the best service to our clients and (I’m the first to admit it) find it a huge challenge to sit down and write editorial, copy or marketing material. I dream of all these marvellous ideas and never get to accomplish them. The frustration of this was driving me crazy so I made a phone call to Eddie, had a brief meeting, told him what I required and we worked out a plan of action” says Lorraine

To help Lorraine and Ross with the marketing challenges we created a marketing plan for them and convinced them to throw out the old machine gun marketing tactics and create targeted marketing messages and offers for their hottest groups of prospects.

In this case, Encore Carpets had two core target markets

One being residential homeowners, apartment owners and property managers of large gated communities and complexes. This is based on their previous feedback and frontline experience in their business that at one time or another most of these people needed carpet and rug cleaning, carpet dying services, carpet stain removal or new carpet. 

The other group of people we targeted which they’d like more of were professional service and hospitality businesses such Real Estate Agencies, Golf Clubs, restaurants, Body Corporates, medical and business office centre’s and gyms. 

Encore Carpets can remove gum & wine stains from your carpet

Phase 1. Homeowners, apartments and units and gated communities

First, we tweaked their existing generic flyer. Like most business flyers the original was a “me” message with their logo and phone number on it and that was about it. 

So we created a targeted customer benefit headline, emotional targeted sales copy and a call to action with a time-sensitive offer to grab the attention of homeowners to generate quality new leads. Testing still in progress.


Phase 2. Top Of Mind Campaign – Applies to residential, commercial and industrial clients and network

Second, many small business owners forget the importance of keeping in touch with their existing clientele. Chances are, if your customer liked the service you provided, they will refer you and become a repeat customer.

However like many in small business Lorraine and her team had nothing in place to stay top of mind with their most precious asset, their past and present customers.

Remove wine form your carpet with Encore Carpets

So, we cleansed their database, designed, wrote and set up an e-newsletter for them so they could start staying top of mind with their past clients. 

“I first met Eddie a few years ago (at a local business networking event) and was impressed by his desire to share ideas and knowledge on all things relating to marketing a business. Like many small business owners, I’m constantly under the pump to deliver on quality and service to our clients and (I’m the first to admit it) find it a huge challenge to sit down and write editorial, copy or marketing material.

I dream up all of these marvellous ideas and never get to action them. The frustration of this was driving me crazy so I made a phone call to Eddie, had a brief meeting, told him what I required and we worked out a plan of action. Eddie, I truly value your assistance and appreciate the personalised attention to detail. It’s just like having your own creative copy writer. You truly are a gem. Kind regards, Lorraine Pearson, Encore carpet Professionals”

More importantly, Lorraine and the team are able to focus on what they do best knowing that team and me at Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions will help them market their business better and execute all their amazing ideas working with them from start to finish.

Encore Carpet Professionals are an all in one full-service carpet dyeing and care Specialist Company. From carpet recolouring or carpet re-dyeing to carpet replacement and stain removal, Lorraine and Ross at Encore Carpets work with hotels, motels, Real Estate agencies and other professional service businesses as well as residential homeowners to protect their investment. 

If you’d like to know more or want a free carpet dyeing, stain removal or carpet replacement quote call Lorraine at Encore Carpets on 1300 558 794.

They also have a free white paper full of tips and techniques to keep your carpet in pristine condition, which you can find out about here.


ECMC ‘Done For You’ marketing

A lot of the marketing and copywriting services we provided to Lorraine and Ross of Encore Carpets was done through our ‘Done For You’ Marketing services.

This service is for time-poor small business owners and can include original e-newsletter set up and designs, execution of the newsletters if required and writing of our content or newsletters which are all written by our expert content and copywriting services located in Australia.

It also has a social media campaign and management option, LinkedIn profile review or set up service as well, includes a website audit, citation site management and writing online and offline articles and blog posts that are targeted and for someone.

The ECMC “Done For You” marketing package helps small business owners such as Loraine and Ross to market their services better to specific groups of people using a professional full service copywriting and marketing service. It also gives them peace of mind, frees up their time and helps them keep-in-touch with existing clientele to create repeat and referral sales and keep them top of mind.

If you’d like to know more about our customised ECMC ‘Done For You’ marketing packages contact me here or call me on 0412 288 339


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10 out of 10 for Eddie’s Copywriting Centre


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