Seven ‘Must Have’ Strategies  And Systems For  Consistent Marketing Returns, enjoy Eddie

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Hi. Friends and clients often ask me as a copywriter, marketing strategist and business owner, what do I consider the most important elements or steps are to keep your marketing machine turning over?  So here are just some of the strategies and systems I use and think work the best.

1) Devote at least two hours per day on lead generation

2) Have a system that can grow and bring in new clients without you falling into a lot of the high priced empty promises out there

3) Focusing on creating life long clients instead of finding them, flogging them and forgetting them

4) Being able to create and offer educational or informational products such as CD’s Video’s, e-books give you another arm and even income in business

5) Focus  your efforts on capturing website visitors details, building relationships and rapport, then converting people into clients

6) Have auto-responder emails that engage people, create rapport, build trust and that saves you time

7) Don’t rely on one marketing stream or channel


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