Successful Elements For Lead Generation Copywriting for Print Ads & Flyers!

These eight elements will take you through how to optimise your copywriting for ads, specifically print ads & flyers.

#1. Headline- Anyone in marketing knows the headline is used to powerfully stop the reader in his/her tracks and lead the reader into the body copy – usually based on the primary BENEFIT of the product or service being offered.

#2. Sub Headings – usually based on BENEFITS and used to break up the body copy into easily readable segments. People are scan readers!

#3. Body Copy – traditionally short, powerful motivating sentences that create an emotion in the reader, leading them to the creation of a desire for the product or service you have.

#4. Call to action – Test after test has demonstrated that you need to tell the prospect what to do Example:  Phone now, Fill in the Order form now, visit your website for a free report.

#5: Illustration of product /service in use – Experienced marketers know their ads always pull better response when they show people a large illustration of their product/service being used.

#6. Testimonials – build credibility with new prospects on the product or service being offered.

#7. Benefit Selling Copy – flyers, print ads and all marketing copy that talks about products/services, don’t pull as well as ads that highlight the product/services benefits.

#8. Other Elements – Cut-Off Date for orders, Special Offers, make the prospect feel he/she is getting something “extra” by purchasing this way rather than usual channels, Money Back Guarantee’s, good layout & design, important for readability and include email and web address to drive immediate orders and response as 99% of people will go to your website to make sure you are for real.

Hope this helps, have an awesome day and I’d love to hear your comments!


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