Business & Copywriting Strategy Sessions.

First a big “Thank you” to everyone out there who did a two hour of Business & Copywriting Strategy Sessions with me last week.

The 25 Business & Copywriting Strategy Sessions sold out quicker than a man’s self esteem at a Lamar’s class

and why not they were only $49.

“I got more direct response ideas, strategies and direction in two hours with Eddie than I have at some two day courses.”

Mathew Steel, Director Family Karate Centre

Also if you contacted me a little bit #issed off last week about missing out on one sorry.

As I said, if you really really want one and you haven’t booked one yet I’ll honour it for $49 BUT YOU HAVE TO organise and book your session with me this week by email fair enough?

The last batch of these sessions went quicker than a man’s self esteem

at a Lamar’s class which is no surprise really when they’re just

• $49 for two hours
• $69 for three hours or
• $79 for four hours but that’s it and we can only do your session this week which you can only arrange by emailing me

Anita Payet of Assurance Solar & Electrical said…

“My two hour session with Eddie was exactly what our business needed to hit the ground running in 2014.  Eddie has a wealth of wisdom and knowledge regarding how to most effectively reach our target markets.  As a small business we try to do what we can in-house and Eddie has been able to give us some great ideas to implement.  He has definitely saved us thousands in ineffective marketing approaches and his genuine desire to help SME’s is something rarely seen these days in business.  Looking forward to doing it again!” Anita, Aussurance Solar & Electrical

and Bill Hawkinson Solo Business coach in Sydney says…

“You know I wasn’t very comfortable when I first met Eddie because he made me feel uncomfortable about how I was marketing my business. But I must say I’ve seen the light and now have a library of action and marketing strategies to implement to make 2014 my best year ever. Thanks Jaffaman.” Bill Hawkinson, BC Business Coaching Sydney

So there you have it.

There’s still time if you really really want one for $49 so email me today so we can lock it in.

Wishing you and your loved ones a safe and very Merry Christmas

Jaffaman Eddie (T.G.I.C.)

Chief Copywriter Marketer &

The Guy In Charge of

The ‘Eddie’ Group.

P.S. Don’t forget you get a money back guarantee, my 26 years of experience and every person who does a session also receives a FREE 21 Million Dollar Marketing Advice Manual that reveals 21 proven marketing strategies tested and created by business owners for business owners. BOOK HERE but only if it’s of use to you.


Two Hours of Power Business Strategy Sessions

Today you are in for a real treat.

Do you need more sales leads…more orders…more clients and more money without

dropping your prices but don’t have the time or money for a marketing or copywriting course?



Peter Hills, Susanne Thompson and quite a few others did so I showed them

• What was good copy… what was bad copy and how to tell the difference?

• How they could put me out of a job and write copy for their business themselves

• How to research their audience and generate more leads and

• My five point system on how to write copy faster



In a nutshell, it’s what I’ve taught for years, by concentrating on the best ways to generate new

customers and create marketing that gets attention and existing clients spending more.



So if you’d like the inside edge on your competitors and to launch into 2014 like a space shuttle

into space drop me an email and book a two-hour of power copywriting session with me.





It comes with a money back guarantee, my 26 years of experience and every session

booked today also receives a FREE 21 Million Dollar Marketing Advice Manual that reveals

21 proven marketing strategies tested and created by business owners for business owners.



Your two hour session can be done by Skype or in person and is great value for just $49

and I’m only offering it to you, because you’re a subscriber and I think it would be wise to

learn more about this invaluable skill for your business.



Book now by emailing me and if you’d like to book but don’t want to do the

session until the New Year that’s fine but there are only seven

spots for the $49 price so it’s first in first served.


Merry Christmas Jaffaman Eddie



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