The Secrets of Awesome Customer Service


Shoulda, Woulda Coulda! These are the FOUR Secrets of Awesome Customer Service.

Ever spoke with someone on the phone, hung up thought “Gee I should have said this or that or I could have answered that question better?”

I think we all have.

Anyway, we learn as we go.

The point is, here’s a great and simple strategy to answer any potential prospects or customer’s questions on the spot with confidence and accuracy.

Step 1. When you are speaking with prospects, write down the questions they ask you. Do this with the next 10 people who call you about your services to start with.

Step 2. After each question leave some space so you can write the answer after the call.

Step 3. Once you’ve written in the answer sheet or cardboard or some pre-made cards about 150mm in size by 110mm.

Step 4. Write one question on the front of the card and the answer to that question on the back.

Step 5. Then keep those cards next to your phone… carry them with you and rehearse the answers every chance to get so when customers do ask you a question, you can answer any question confidently and accurately which gives them confidence and trust in you.

Do you have a tip or process for this?

Share your tips or comments below.


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