Hey, Jaffaman Eddie here and today I’m talking about A Whopper Marketing Mistake!

While most of us who own a business only see the problems, the first thing I try and do with new customers and marketing club members is try and get them to see the possibilities within their business and you don’t get a simpler or better example than this one right here.

Robb owns a business on the Gold Coast. Basically his customers order his products either by phone or online and Rob sends them their order via snail mail.

Until Rob met me that’s all he was doing. And it was A Whopper Marketing Mistake!

Now after a simple suggestion of mine which was nothing spectacular he includes a brochure of his other products and services with every order he sends out and guess what?

He’s getting more business from the same customers and making more money.

The takeaway lesson

• Yes social media’s important

• So is email, networking and other stuff but…

Don’t forget the simple things because it’s the simple little things that make a difference

Action to take…

Don’t re-invent the wheel you’ll only go hungry and end up frustrated.

Get your head together, take a day or two off stand back from your business and idea’s on how you can increase the lifetime value of your customers and build relationships will flow but…

If you get stuck, need help or can’t “see the forest for the tree’s”…

• Grab the $1,000 of free marketing info I’m giving away to celebrate our 10th year of business.

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As the great Zig Ziglar used to say “Do It Now, Do It today.”

Don’t forget to share the love, spread the word and support your mates

Hasta la vista baby