8 Tips To Turn Your Business Card Into A Business Magnet!

Need Business Card Tips?

You know, business cards really are the silent heroes in promoting our products or services!

So if you give out lots of business cards but don’t seem to be getting any return from them, use this 8 Point Business Card Tips checklist to make one of your most powerful marketing tools more responsive and more profitable!

#1. Ego aside- are you a business in love with your logo? If you aren’t, replace the huge logo at the top of your card, with a customer benefit or hook headline targeted at the needs of your audience, wants or desires! It’s all about what’s in for them so get their attention straight up with a customer benefit!

#2. Use a photograph on your card so people get to remember you. This is really powerful when you are building your brand your image and your business.

#3. Don’t skimp; get your business card professionally designed and printed. If you can’t afford $150 or so for business cards go to vistaprint.com and you can usually get free business cards using a range of templates they have. I think all you pay for is the postage.

#4. Featuring a customer testimonial on your business card is fantastic. Testimonials give people a further insight into your product or service or how you can help them and boosts your credibility with new prospects instantly because they can see, you have satisfied customers!

#5. Why not put an offer on your business card? Whether it’s a Buy one get one free offer, a free report, a $7 initial consultation fee… your choices are endless just make sure it adds value for your potential customers and before you create an offer ask yourself this  “Is this something someone would pay for if it wasn’t for free?”

#6. Be creative but simple with your title! These days there are some pretty far out Position or Career titles out there, which is cool, however, a lot of them fall short because they don’t say or describe what you, your business or what your role is in the business!

When I decided to put “The Guy In Charge” on my own business card my friends in business said I was crazy but guess what?  85% of the time when new and previous clients ring me they always ask for “The Guy In Charge!” and we always have a little chuckle about it.

Now the reasons the “The Guy In Charge” works for me is, it’s easy to remember, memorable,  a little unique but above all that, it lets people know I’m decision-maker and that I’m a human being just like they are!

#7. Feature your memory hook so you keep sending the same message consistently. You can take that one step further to drive your message by including your tagline or memory hook in your fax headers, web site, emails, sales letters, flyers and so on with a testimonial

#8. Watch your fonts! Too many fonts confuse the eye and your message gets lost. A competent Graphic designer will help you avoid this all too easy trap!

Have a great day use and feel free to leave a comment, I’d love your feedback


The Guy In Charge

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