Hi, this week I thought I’d share a few of the lead generation and low-cost marketing ideas I use that some of you can apply and some of you won’t. Enjoy and thanks, Eddie.

36 Low-Cost Marketing Ideas

  1. VIP nights these are great for retail to move old stock or show off new lines
  2. Launch nights, invite existing and new clients you’d like to win on-premises to show off new equipment that can do XYZ faster, quicker or cheaper
  3. Promotional pens, sticky notes, calendars and rulers these work well for professional and trade services. Include them in invoices, quotes, thank you’s and so on. Be careful though on what product you use.
  4. Preferred Customer cards — these work well for professional and trade services
  5. E-newsletters or video once a month to existing clients, educate don’t sell
  6. 3 step marketing campaign
  • Step 1 – send a sales letter that directs existing or new potential clients to your website for a special offer
  • Step 2 – Have a video on your website supporting your letter with an offer where you capture their name, email and phone details in return they may go into a draw, receive a preferred customer price saving or something of added value
  • Step 3 – Follow up with either a phone call or email 3-5 days after they have downloaded the gift to convert a percentage of inquiries into sales and to start building that relationship for future

7. Focus your core marketing strategies on your top 20% of clients

8. Sponsorship of local soccer, netball or football team

9. Hold a movie night for clients

10. Pay the percentage credit card processing fee for people who want to purchase your product or service using their credit card

11. Pay the GST for your customers

12. Always thank people for their business

13. Have a product or service for the month

14. Follow up if a warranty is about to expire. “Hi Just letting you know your warranty on your new Mac is about to expire” and so on. From there you can offer to upgrade them into another warranty agreement maintenance program, or offer to buy it off from them so they can upgrade to new Mac or equipment?

15. Bookmarks work really well, most business people read. Every night, my business is in their face. Cost $150 for 200 bookmarks or so, return so far after one week of mailing and handing them out $896

16. Business anniversary functions — “we’ve been in business 6 years and have you to thank”.

17. RSL prize home tickets for clients who spend a certain amount with you or you could do it as a good-faith gesture. $5 a ticket, chance to win a home and financial freedom, clients love it and it’s better than a lotto ticket plus you’re supporting a good cause.

18. Market research meetings — wear a bulletproof vest, invite 5-8 top clients and ask them how you can improve your service to them

19. Have a referral program in place

20. Signage and branding that carries across from reception to how you answer the phone

21. Surveys either in person or via email

22. Use or have a business card that has an offer on it that directs them to your website where you capture their name for future marketing

23. T-shirts with business name or website on them

24. Joint ventures with services that will benefit you, your clients and the JV

25. Melbourne Cup sweeps, NRL football or even hold a Bathurst sweep (subject to your client profile).

26. Include a brochure or catalogue of your other products or services with every order

27. Record a DVD and mail it to prospective clients.

28. Got a story? Use the media, it’s priceless.

29. Get it for a better price or added bonus when you buy online. Dell computers do this really well

30. Lead generator – Hold an event where people can walk up to a laptop, enter their details then the computer randomly selects a winner where the person may win xyz.

31. Use coloured envelopes that support your brand colour when using snail mail

32. If you guarantee your product or service, the longer the guarantee, the more sales you make.

33. Use postcards to Business PO Boxes and previous clients

34. If you have a JV include their flyer, brochure or whatever in your mail outs and they do the same

35. If you have an e-book, C.D, DVD or something, offer your JV the chance for his/her clients to save and make some money promoting your e-book in his e-newsletter or something or offer a special price.

36. Offer a preferred price saving to businesses in your local district


That’s all from me today, hope you can put these low-cost marketing ideas to great use within your business development.


Jaffaman Eddie

Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions