Hi, here’s just a few of the client Introduction or three strategies for gaining referrals I use that you can test for yourself to help grow your business and client base.

Three Strategies for Gaining Referrals or Introductions



Strategy #1. Ask. It’s that simple. I sent out a scorecard and survey to past customers to rate me on various aspects of my services so I can build a better business, systems and service experience for them.

On that scorecard I ask for two Introductions (I don’t like calling them referrals) and here’s why! Can you give me two referrals of people you think could use my services? Can you introduce me to two people who you think could use my services?

See the difference. To me, the word Introductions is far less invasive. It also removes that awkward, pressured and uncomfortable feeling people feel when you ask them for a referral.

Strategy #2. Reward people who refer you. Make sure you have a system in place to reward anyone that refers one of their friends or associates to you and keep them in the loop on how it went or what’s happening.

Strategy #3. “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” If asking for Introductions/referrals makes you nervous involve your customer. Say something like: Hi <name> can you help me? I am creating a referral system but before I do I wanted to know what would you like as a gift if you were to refer someone to me in the future?

Would you like a weekend away, a price saving on copywriting, a free dinner in a five-star restaurant or something else?

See how this strategy involves your customer and lets them become part of it? Oh and change your mindset from thinking of it as asking for a referral to helping people solve a problem to become more successful.

Either way, implement one or more of these today, you’ll be glad you did!

Let’s share? Would love to hear your comments or suggestions on what strategies you use to you create introductions and referrals for your business.

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