3 Differences Between Blog Writing & Article Writing

3 Differences Between Blog Writing & Article Writin

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Always thought writing blogs and articles were the same things? They’re not. But don’t feel bad; it is a simple mistake to make.

From a copywriting and content writing point of view, the differences between blog writing and article writing are many.

What are they?

Well, here’s just three of ’em for ya!


3 Differences Between Writing Blogs and Articles


Difference 1: For starters, blogs are more conversational in writing style and their tone. Usually, blogs are written in the first-person.

Writing in the first person is when you write in a tone from one person to another, just like writing a letter to someone.

And writing blogs is a lot like writing Direct Response Copywriting.


Except for the fact that blog writing is more educational and informative, whereas direct response copywriting is more sales-driven.

So blogs are written in a conversational tone, even though your blog may be seen and read by millions.

Articles, on the other hand, are more academic in nature, written in a methodical structure and using third-person.


Difference 2: Another difference between articles and blogs is that blogs use SEO keywords and long-tail key phrases.

Why? To help them register with those ever so sensitive Google Gods!

SEO content writing strategies and keywords in articles are not the highest priority.


Difference 3: Writing style – A lot of articles you’ll read will include interviews and involve painstaking research.

At Creative Copywriting & Content Solutions, we also research before writing blogs for our clients too.

That research though is different. It’s more about industry trends or technology, new products and so on.

I suppose you could say we interview clients as part of the qualifying process when they first contact us for blog writing.

Still, article writing interviews are an entirely different animal. 


So, how do you know if you need an article written or a blog post written?

Well, take in the three points above for starters. If you need something written with an interview included, chances are you need an article.

No interview required – chances are you need a blog post.



Don’t fall into the trap of thinking the length of the article or blog (word count) defines the difference between them.

It doesn’t.

There are long and short articles, just as there are long and short blogs. Although I will say, based on my experience in blog-writing for over 17 years, it’s best to have 500-800 words in your blogs to help make it search engine friendly.


We have been so impressed with the content, delivery and follow up. Having our blogs written for us has freed up time and energy for us to focus on other important areas of our business. Eddie and his team have researched and understood our diverse industry and are portraying us with professionalism and creativity. Thank you. We truly appreciate you and are exceptionally grateful we have partnered with your company.


CEO , Medhire


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