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Copywriting For Ads Made Easier!

“Successful Elements For Lead Generation On Print Ads & Flyers!”

#1. Headline- Anyone in marketing knows the headline is used to powerfully stop the reader in his/her tracks and lead the reader into the body copy – usually based on the primary BENEFIT of the product or service being offered.

#2. Sub Headings – usually based on BENEFITS and used to break up the body copy into easily readable segments. People are scan readers!

#3. Body Copy – traditionally short, powerful motivating sentences that create an emotion in the reader, leading them to the creation of a desire for the product or service you have.

#4. Call to action – Test after test has demonstrated that you need to tell the prospect what to do Example:  Phone now, Fill in the Order form now, visit your website for a free report.

#5: Illustration of product /service in use – Experienced marketers know their ads always pull better response when they show people a large illustration of their product/service being used.

#6. Testimonials – build credibility with new prospects on the product or service being offered.

#7. Benefit Selling Copy – flyers, print ads and all marketing copy that talk about products/services, don’t pull as well as ads that highlight the product/services benefits.

#8. Other Elements – Cut-Off Date for orders, Special Offers, make prospect feel he/she is getting something “extra” by purchasing this way rather than usual channels, Money Back Guarantee’s, good layout & design, important for readability and include email and web address to drive immediate orders and response as 99% of people will go to your website to make sure you are for real.

Hope this helps, have an awesome day and I’d love to hear your comments!


Flyer and Letter Workshop Feedback

Thanks to the small elite group of people who attended my copywriting Flyer & letter workshop event on September 28th. A good time was had by all and since each person has re-worked their own copy, it sounds like you are all doing well and getting better response on the piece we worked together on.  Go forward or go home and Thanks for your trust, support and friendship. Eddie

Eddie TV Overcoming Price Objections

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